Bathroom Refresh & Recycle

Styling up your bathroom doesn’t have to be extensive or expensive. I am always trying to find different ways to simplify and streamline spaces
(alliteration much?!) so that they look more aesthetically pleasing. Recently I’ve noticed that people have been transferring their bathroom products into matching containers and a light bulb went off. I am sooooo tired of all the colorful mismatched bathroom products lining my shower, bath tub, and kids’ bathtub. It’s kind of an eyesore!

Before. Not bad, but not the best

Enter this inexpensive 16oz amber bottle set (they also come in blue and clear)They came in two days and were $20 for 6. I already wanted more and found this 32 oz amber bottle set for $24. I am excited to be able to put more product in because we sometimes get shampoo in bulk. Let me give you some tips on how to label these and also what I found helpful about this little DIY.

There are three ways you can go about labeling these. I went with the paint marker route, which I find gives it a cutesy farmhouse look to it. Don’t try to use chalk markers as they will come right off with water. Fear not, if you make a mistake you can erase with rubbing alcohol. Another option could be waterproof vinyl chalkboard stickers. Again, you would want to write on these with paint markers. My last option is for those with handwriting issues. If you have a cricut or silhouette, go ahead and cut out your words using permanent vinyl like Oracal 651. If you don’t know anyone that can do this, I will gladly help you out through my Etsy shop. Whichever route you choose for labeling, just make sure you are consistent so that it doesn’t look tacky.

My last takeaway from this mini project, was how much this helped me recycle. See, less than 50% of people recycle bathroom products like toilet paper rolls and shampoo bottles. If I am being totally honest, I am part of the group that doesn’t do it. I am great in the kitchen and the rest of my house, but for some reason there is a disconnect when it comes to the bathroom products. As soon as I took on this task, I realized that I needed to grab the empty bottles and recycle them. It was pretty simple, because I was already loading the amber bottles with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash over the sink. All I had to do was turn on the faucet, rinse them out, and bring them downstairs to my recycling bin. So, if you needed any more convincing, this project not only refreshes your space, it also helps you recycle more! I love a good win win!

I am linking everything throughout this post, but also in this one picture below. Message me here or @lifewithcandg on instagram if you have any comments or questions.



The Long Road to Speech

Most of you may not know this, but our little Georgie is speech delayed. I could’ve told you this when she was 10 months old, but you may not have believed me like no one else did. First takeway– listen to your mama intuition.

Early Signs G was not an easy baby, she was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of her sister in every single way. She didn’t sleep through the night, had trouble with bottles and silent reflux, had a genetic scare, and not surprisingly didn’t develop language like most of her peers.

My first indicator that she was “behind” was her lack of babble. Where most kids would make goo goo ga ga noises, she only said “ma ma” and screamed for what seemed like forever. There were no other words or sounds, for a really long time, like past the age of 14 months. She didn’t do animal noises, or parrot anything we said, she straight screamed or screamed mamamamamamama. I know that between 10 months and 14 months seems young to notice anything, but I did. She was not communicating at all. I tried baby sign, and even then she refused to do common signs like milk or more. We all became quickly frustrated because we couldn’t give her what she wanted.

First Time Asking for Help At our 1 year visit, I finally asked my pediatrician seriously. I had mentioned it leading up, because I was noticing a lack of words developing, but at 1 year I felt like she should be saying more than mama for EVERYTHING. Our kind doctor told us not to worry and to just keep working with her, because she was perfectly within the range of what was normal, because really developmentally everywhere else she was perfectly fine. She understood everything we said, she just didn’t say anything back.

Little Things I continued to worry for Georgie’s speech. She finally added no to the mix, and we quickly realized that everytime she was sweetly screaming mama, she really meant NO NO NO. Dada took a couple more months to come out. Animal sounds were still a no go, though she loved to look at them and interact. There was zero parroting, we would try to say everything overstated so that she would try to work on the words, but it was not happening. We really struggled with “milk” and “more”, and really pushed sign language to encourage her to communicate with us. Thank goodness for that because it relieved a bit of the frustration for all of us. Every visit we went, I mentioned her speech, and every time I was told she was too young to tell. That until she was 2 years old they really weren’t behind. The teacher in me struggled with this the most. I knew she was behind, I could feel it in my gut! She began to have tantrums, and pretty bad ones at that, and most kids a lot younger than her were speaking so much more than her! My family started asking questions, and still I tried to listen to the doctors and wait wait wait.

Telling them I needed Help When Georgie was 18 months old we moved to Texas. We got a new pediatrician and the first thing I mentioned to her at our new patient visit was that I thought Georgie was speech delayed. I explained that she was FINALLY babbling at home during play and that her tantrums were getting pretty bad usually when I was trying to decipher what she wanted. Again, she told me that it was hard to tell at this age based on the information I gave her. She gave me a couple of ideas on how to handle her tantrums and that was that.

A couple of months later I hit my breaking point. Georgie had a massive tantrum because I was putting a diaper on her, dressing her and trying to get her sister to school. I did every single thing that the doctor told me to do, I comforted her, let her be for a while, walked away, told her no, I dressed her while she ripped off her diaper and clothes multiple times, and basically forced her kicking, squirming and screaming down the stairs. She head butted me so hard I thought I was going to kill someone. I then had to force her into the car and strap her in, while holding her down with my elbows. It was two hours after I had started dressing her and I literally was sweating from the stress. Charlie kindly got dressed and into the car while I dealt with her sister. As G continued to shriek and finally fell asleep, I called the pediatrician. I begged them to let me come in because I could not take it a second longer. I took G in and my pediatrician checked her ears and observed her. After a lot of talking she finally told me that I should go get her tested. She told me I could go through the state services or go to a local private speech pathology center. I was given all the tools to get my girl help.

Where to Start We struggled with the decision of getting G tested through state services or through a private therapist. Having been a teacher in public schools, I knew how complicated state services can be. There are hoops to jump through and honestly at the time, I was so damn tired of jumping. Before I go into what we did, I am going to tell you what I wish I had done. I should’ve jumped through the hoops, because state services are free or less expensive. Worst case, if they don’t give you services, then you go to the private place as a plan B.

Private therapy is expensive but, we were able to get her evaluated right away, and set up with sessions that next week. I finally felt like I was helping my girl through her frustrations. Our speech therapist was to meet with Georgie 2 times a week for 30 minutes. At first there was a lot of play and observation. Georgie tends to be quiet around new people, I think in part because of her lack of confidence in her ability to communicate. For the first three weeks she barely made a peep, like literally not a little noise. Finally, she warmed up to her therapist and gained confidence. She began to make noises and sounds at home during activities that she does in speech. For example, they would read Brown Bear, Brown Bear every week, and she would focus on her saying “see” at the “what do you see” part. At first it was just “ee.” But, again, for her that was a lot, she never parroted us, she hardly spoke real sounds other than screams. Soon, it was easy to note that G’s problem wasn’t language, as she understood everything, and could “respond” and react to spoken sentences correctly. They began to focus on articulation and doing one to one games so that she is rewarded an act of a game for doing something she is asked to do. For example say “bay” correctly, she gets to open a door to the veterinary hospital and pull out another animal. She improved every single week and the tantrums really did subside almost completely.

Where we are now We are no where near done, over six months in and G still goes to speech twice a week. As we near closer to the age of three I am getting more concerned again. Our therapist reminds me often that she is over six months behind, and to think back how much she has improved in that time alone. We talk every single session, and she gives me tips and homework to do with her. We practice words and sounds that they are working on in speech at home. I also bring in words and phrases that I find we are struggling with on a daily basis. One of our first struggles was milk, still is, but when we began she couldn’t say it at all. No matter what I tried, I never knew she wanted milk and she refused to sign back at me because she was so frustrated. Our therapist worked with me and her to come up with the sound “mmm”. I would say “Georgie do you want milk? mmmm?” and I would sign. Finally we were able to get Georgie to nod and say “mmm” Now we are working on saying the full word milk, because though Charlie and I know what she is saying, no one else does. She is finally making some words at school, and her teachers are happy to hear her little voice sometimes. At home shes a full on wild woman and talks non stop, it’s just not easy to understand her most of the time.

We actually went to get her evaluated by the state intervention services the other day. She did not qualify for services because her language is too good! It’s insane because she struggles immensely still. It really upset me, speech is costly, but I also just want her to have all the help necessary so that when it’s time for her to be in Kindergarten she is playing on an even field. Her therapist was surprised, but not surprised because she is aware how state funded evaluations go. They focus on a lot of language based tests here in Texas, and that really isn’t Georgie’s issue. Her therapist mentioned G potentially having a mild case of apraxia, though it is something we are looking into more.

Thank God for Sisters The most incredible part of this entire trying process, has been seeing how Charlie can understand Georgie 99% of the time. When she had a lot of tantrums and screamed a lot, I would always tell C “be nice, she’s little and she’s learning to talk.” Charlie would always repeat this to anyone and everyone, “my sister is little, she’s learning to talk.” Nowadays Georgie will babble on in sentences, but isn’t articulating well. I used to think Charlie was being a smartass, but really she understands most everything she says and its quite shocking (& incredibly helpful.) I love this bond they share, I appreciate the help it gives me, and I know Georgie feels encouraged by being able to hold a conversation with her sister.

It’s been quite the winding road, and we are nowhere near the end, but I just felt like I should share this tidbit of our lives in case someone else needs to read this and see they’re not alone. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably have heard Charlie chattering away just like her mama and you probably have heard Georgie too, but maybe not noticed that she is struggling. It’s such a private struggle for all of us. At first because maybe you think they’re going to develop, later because no one wants to proceed until they hit a certain age or milestone, and continually because no one wants their child to be the one behind. I have made it my mission to push back as often as possible, to get my kid where I want her to be. I pestered my doctors, I fought with my husband, and I was frustrated beyond belief. I didn’t let it stop me. I am her advocate, and I will always go above and beyond to help my children succeed.

If you feel like your child might be behind or are struggling with the tornado that is having a speech delayed child, I’m here if you need a friend to chat with. I’ll help you find services in your area and I will gladly be your cheerleader through the process!



A Little Girl Room, for Two

Having two little girls has really been a dream come true. My family always says I’m playing with my dolls, which is kinda sorta true. #sorrynotsorry.

When I was pregnant with Charlie I got it in my head that her room had to be floral with pink and light tones of sage green to match this cross stitch my mom had made of a pink and green cupcake (it’s always been in their rooms, look for it on the night stand). As is usually a problem of mine, I got this idea and I wasn’t going to back down. Luckily we found all the right pieces and her nursery was a dream.

Fast forward, we had Georgie, did her nursery, and then I got another idea. I decided that because she FINALLY was sleeping through the night at 10 months that it was time to put the girls in the same room. See, I found it more difficult to always be splitting myself between both rooms. We found ourselves putting them down for nap in one room and dressing them in one room. So why use two rooms? Georgie slept in a crib, charlie slept in a toddler bed and it was preciously coordinated.

When we moved to Texas, Georgie was 18 months old. We moved Charlie around this age into a toddler bed, so we were confident enough to do it with G. However, getting another toddler bed seemed kind of silly as they would only grow bigger from here on out. We decided against a twin bed and went straight to two fulls. And we couldn’t be happier with our choice! We chose low profile box springs and mattresses from Wayfair. We also purchased their metal frame beds from Wayfair, as when buying two of everything you really want to save as much as possible. (The one we purchased isn’t available anymore but I linked a similar bed in style and price.) The combo of the low profile box spring and mattress keeps the bed low enough for the girls to hop in and out easily, without us worrying about them falling from too far up.

We knew we wanted a statement wall with wallpaper and their simple wooden monograms from the old house. I have been in love with B. Darling Decor wallpaper FOREVER, but honestly couldn’t afford to go with their wallpaper at the time. I saw they had these vinyl sets that were a fraction of the cost. It’s the same exact removable cloth vinyl, but they’re sets that if placed in a pattern, give the illusion of wallpaper! We went with the Mallory Vinyl Set, as it keeps in line with my floral with sage green vibe from Charlie’s nursery way back when. I like to reuse as much decor as possible to save money (the monograms, night stand, my childhood rocking chair, our antique chandelier from my inlaws house, etc). My mom was great at this, rearranging things satisfies that “itch to switch” (thanks Erin @cottonstem for the term) and doesn’t hurt your wallet. The vinyl application was SUPER SIMPLE and it’s such a wow piece! I’d check out their Instagram and/or website because they really have a beautiful selection of products (including dollhouse wallpaper, that I will be talking about very soon as we reno our very own Magnolia Farmhouse.)

There were two splurge items in the girls’ room, which is why we aimed to save as much as possible when we could. First one was the PBKids Bow Valence Roman Shade, that in my opinion is worth every penny. There is only one window in their girls’ room, and it was going to be right up against G’s bed (since we wanted her to be the one with a wall on one side of her bed as she’s the youngest). I didn’t really feel comfortable with curtains that would flow around and potentially be a hazard, also I figured it would be difficult to keep flowing curtains looking nice when jumbled up next to pillows. I think roman shades are just the classiest things, and these with their black out shade capability and perfect linen fabric bows just couldn’t be beat. The install was super simple and it seriously gives a beautiful touch. Our second splurge, that was, is, and always will be, worth it, is our Beddy’s bedding! We had one in our master and in our guest room, and I was just waiting for these big girl beds to finally get them theirs. They’re not cheap, but I do love them. They’re zippered beds that essentially have two whole pieces so it always looks perfectly made, even when your toddler makes it! They’re ideal for daybeds, beds against walls, and especially bunk beds. Watch this video to see what I mean. I went with Chic White thinking that if they get something on it, I can bleach it, or if I get that “itch to switch”, I can just change the accents in the room and not have to get rid of their bedding altogether. Oh yeah, and they have two options: minky or cotton. So what this means is the lining inside your beddys that serves as your “sheet” can either be minky which is this soft warm blanket or just cotton like the bottom “sheet” of the bed. I am a team minky girl, as we have had both. I found that with cotton I was always cold, it is VERY thin. We keep our air pretty cold so being under the cozy blanket feels great, and since the bottom “sheet” is always cotton I’m not warm at all if that makes sense.

I think pillows and throws are so important to makes spaces feel complete. Yes, they’re kinda annoying, no they’re not necessary, but you gotta do it if you want it to look good. I actually ruined my Beddy’s pillow cases with a red dress (they are now pink, but only half of them) so I replaced two pillows on each bed with these pink and white stripe pillow cases from Target. These gauze throws at the end of the bed, large rug, small rug, and pink heart pillows are also from Target, and I love how they break up all the white and add that blush color that I obviously love so much.

These little trays, are the newest addition to the girls’ room. One morning I was making my bed, putting the lumbar pillow centered, and placing the decorative tray off to the side and Charlie says “I wish my bed was pretty like yours.” I was like WHAT?!? And she goes “you have that pretty tray with flowers, I wish I had one.” Well, she asked and she received, times two. This Spritz Tray was such an inexpensive find, and it really does make their room look super sweet. At $10 each, they were crowd-pleasers all around!

Click this picture below to get direct links and dupes via LTK. Some things couldn’t be linked there, but I made sure they were linked above. If you have any questions comment here, or instagram @lifewithcandg. I love talking shopping and decor.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into all things pink and pretty!


Marie Kondo Who?

Just kidding, I’m sure she’s great. I just haven’t yet read her book, though I am sure I’d like it, and I haven’t watched her show yet, though I’m sure it would spark even more OCD in me. However, I do know I like to keep a tidy home. When we first moved into a space as “adults” I quickly learned that I liked to maintain my home organized, but it may be overwhelming to start.

The first thing I realized was that everything needs a “home”. You can’t keep a space organized if your things don’t have a place to go to be put away. So no matter where you are organizing, keep that in mind.

Recently I used box containers to tackle two spaces that I see all day daily. I needed them to feel organized and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. I revamped the pantry and the playroom closet. These spaces get touched each day more than once a day, so they needed a format that would allow me to put them back together easily.

The common rules of organizing a closet space with containers:

  • take everything out
  • purge
  • sort
  • categorize, by same or like items
  • place in boxes or containers by category
  • label
  • purge again when you notice things getting crammed

For the playroom I took out toys that the kids hadn’t played with in a while, gave away stuffed animals galore that didn’t have meaning or weren’t looked at any more, and began organizing things into like categories. Ex: barbies, veterinarian, coloring tools, coloring books, play doh, play doh tools, balls, Fancy Nancy, electronics, LOL dolls, snap dress dolls, etc. Some boxes have some boxes inside to keep smaller things together, but I digress. The point is to form like groups that can all fit into one storage box. Then you must label it. This is for the kids as much as it is you. For them it’s a great intro to a print rich environment. Seeing letters and associating them to sounds. Sounds silly, but it’s teacher 101 stuff. For you, it’s easy to help and encourage picking up and putting away. It also helps your baby sitter or family members keep up the routine when you’re not there. Kids like to forget where things go so they don’t have to put them away. Squash that idea real quick!

The pantry was similar to the playroom. I began by pulling everything out and purging. For the pantry it means removing what is expired 🤣. But seriously, you’d be surprised how much old stuff is just lurking in the back of your pantry. I had everything already sort of categorized but I kind of dug deeper for our lifestyle. For example I separated snacks from chips. We have a lot of chips in our home and I wanted things to stay in their section so I gave chips their own spot. Snacks actually has to boxes. I keep the lower snacks with kid friendly, don’t mind if they dig into when I’m not looking section. And upper snacks are for us or things we don’t want them to eat or snack on when we’re not looking. Your pantry will look completely different in the sense that you like certain things and they fall into YOUR categories. My categories include: breakfast, snacks, chips, storage, pasta/rice, baking, medicine, vitamin/daily meds, sweets, non perishables and overflow drinks.

Note that both spaces have a lot more going on for them organization-wise, but what I really wanted to focus on here was how to use these storage bins to categorize and organize your spaces.

  • The bins are my favorites for $5.99 (marked down from $9.99) from Hobby Lobby. They come out once a year in their Spring Shop which is live right now!
  • The clips I use to attach the label to the bins is from amazon, you can grab them here. It’s a set of 20 for $12.
  • My labels are actually cut up file folders I had sitting around. You could always do small chalkboard tags and attach them using the same clips. Here are two options (1 & 2). If you go this route I recommend using a chalk pen so that it’s not so easy to remove with little wet hands.

That is all my friends! Go to your local Hobby Lobby or shop online to snag these while they’re in stock. I literally waited a whole year to complete my collection because soon they go on major sale and they sell out quick.

Hope this helps you get a jump on that #kondomari thing!


“Get Out” 2.13.19 Hobby Lobby

Let me start by saying, if you have not been to a Hobby Lobby, PLEASE do yourself a favor and get to one ASAP. It is the best place for just about everything. Never ever pay full price, things go on sale weekly, and you can always use a 40% off coupon from their site. I always pull it up on my cellphone for easy access.

Now that that is out of the way , lets get to business. I go to Hobby Lobby about once a week. I actually do one of my best selling listings using their shirts. If you ever need true newborn size blanks, theirs are the very best. I then usually buy one thing for my house a week (🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️). Really I’d say 90% of my decor comes from there. Anyhow, we were there for a shirt run when I figured we are out, lets “Get Out” to Hobby Lobby for our friends who cannot.

Holidays are huge at HL, so I knew Valentine’s Day and Spring would be in full swing. They did not disappoint. This store isn’t supported by affiliate links, but I will make sure to list prices and direct links here anyhow.

Lets “GO”

I could do a whole blog post on this storage section that comes out once a year in the Spring Shop. But here is my quick spiel, grab this Large Plastic Woven Basket $9 (on sale $6) for all your organization needs. So many colors! My favorites are the blush, mint, grey, black, navy, and white. But, there are tons of bright colors too if that’s your style!

Well that is it! Just wanted to quickly link my finds for you. Hope you’re having a great day 🙂

“Get Out” 2.4.19 Target

I went to Target for a pillow, they didn’t have it so instead I left with a bag full of valentine’s goodies. Ya feel me? I actually think I did pretty good for once, I spent about $30 and only left with a single bag worth of goods. My kids didn’t have a meltdown until we were in the parking lot, and I started my new Instagram series “Get Out with C&G”.

Before I recap what we found, let me delve into what this little series will be. I have seen Instagrammers showing their Nordstrom finds and $500 pendant lights and its all pretty to look at it, but its unreachable. At least for me, and I assume for most of you too! A lot of times I see things styled on Instagram and want it, but either I can’t afford it or by the time I’ve seen it, its old and it’s not even in the store anymore. I also realize that I don’t get to go to Target, Old Navy, Home Goods, & the like on the regular. Most of us work from 8-5 and a lot of us stay home with kids. Neither of these situations allow us to go and just window shop. So, when time allows I am going to do it for all of us!

I linked all the below pictures via #liketoknowit. If you click the picture it’ll take you to direct affiliate links for the products I found.

The Hearth and Hand collection by Magnolia has some beautiful earthy candle scents that are in subtle neutral containers. Perfect for any home! Do yourself a favor and take a second to smell these. They’re oddly and surprisingly different, in a good way!
This middle section of Target is so visually pleasing. Between the monochromatic wonders of Hearth and Hand and the Threshold pillows, accents, and furniture on the other side— there’s truly something for everyone.

I hit up Target just 10 days before Valentine’s Day. That’s enough time for all of you to go snag some of the cute #targetdollarspot finds. Most things were a dollar and came in packs of 8-12. They weren’t even THAT kitschy. My favorite was the slime. All kids like slime, and it’s something that will be thrown away eventually anyway, and A DOLLAR FOR A PACK!

Click this picture to see some of my Galentine’s Day finds including this cute napkin! I’ll link the other things shown too (not from Target)

The Target Dollar Spot finds are in store only but definitely worth the trip! These plastic letters for your letterboard are only $3 for a pack of three! I got white because I misplaced the ones that came with my Retrogram board. I got pink because for $3 why not?

My favorite finds were actually in the kitchen section. There were many beautiful canisters for an easy countertop overhaul. Another inexpensive find that can change your kitc

The homeware section was full of trendy finds. These farmhouse canisters are perfect for a kitchen counter overhaul. The simple grey and wood kitchen tools add to a effortlessly stylish makeover. My favorite find was actually found after we left Target. Linked you’ll find the 5 pc black flatware that I was excited over. I was able to find a 20pc set that was a little bit more cost effective and I can’t wait to be off my spending freeze so I can buy them!

We had a lot of fun on our first “GO”! Wonder where we will go to next. Old Navy? Home Goods? Pier1? Hobby Lobby? Comment here or on Instagram your requests.


Potty Training in Style

If you know me at all, you know that I am a type A, controlling, clean freak. (Wow, why are you even listening to me?!) This way of thinking affects everything I do as a parent. In order for me to keep my cool, I need to control as much of the uncontrollable as possible. When it comes to potty training, the idea can be daunting.

I will admit that I myself never potty trained either of my children, in the classical sense anyhow. Charlie was potty trained at school through her amazing teacher who ran a tight ship. Right after she was two her teacher told me to bring her in underwear because she was staying dry every day. So I did. Next thing I know I am forced to be a good mom and actually do the same at home. This was my first run in with pee and poo on the floor, and not from my dog! Our second time around has been pretty simple as well, G being the little sister, wants to do everything that her big sister does. In each situation I found constants that made me feel confident, and kept myself and my house looking decent in the process.

I know the type of person I am, the type of parent I am, and how to deal with the disgustingness that is taking a toddler to the bathroom in your own home and in public. Here is MY must-have list of things that will keep you sane they won’t even jack your style and at the end.

Shop my Potty Training Must Haves here

Below you will find my tried and true prime finds that will prepare you to be stylish and clean during the potty training process. All pictures are linked, so you can click them if you want to shop, or you can go directly to my amazon shop.

Potty training means picking between pull ups and underwear. Though we still do pull ups for naps, bedtime, and school, we like to keep our littlest in these training undies. I like them better than regular undies because they are thicker and can help contain most of the accidents and just little wetness as they are learning to know when to go. Also, I feel like when my kids wear pull ups, they tend to be lazy and just go in them, defeating the whole potty training process.

This little potty is the perfect travel companion. It’s different than normal training ones, as it has a liner that can be disposed of. This is great for emergency use and also long car trips. There are times when stopping on the side of the road is a must and this is a really helpful way to do that. We have even used it inside the car (stopped of course), because sometimes it’s not best to be outside with a child. But emergencies are emergencies! A regular potty works too.

On the go may be the worst part of potty training. There are some really nasty bathrooms out there. If you’re anything like me you would rather die than have your child grip that toilet with both hands. Thank goodness I found these liners. I keep about 4 in my purse at all times. They are pretty big and basically cover the entire toilet. Rest easy, your kid can sit and grip without actually touching anything nasty! That is a parenting win!

If you want to take your chances on life, put a potty training toddler in a car seat and see if they have an accident. Trust me, a full on pee in a car seat is THE WORST! Cue in the piddle pad. Thank goodness for great inventions in modern times, because it’s these simple things that keep me sane. Keep it on your toddler’s car seat at all times, and if they have an accident you only have to wash the piddle pad, not EVERYTHING! Genius I tell ya! Buy two if you’re feeling wild, then you can have a back up in the car while the other one is washed!

Get yourself a wet bag! (or disposable trash bags) If your kiddos have an accident, you will need somewhere to put the soiled clothes. They stink, they’re wet, and unless you’re heading straight home, they need to go somewhere.

Converting from wiping number two on a changing table to wiping number two on a wiggly child that is too small to be on a toilet, isn’t the easiest. Make it better by keeping “flushable” wipes nearby. Trust me, caked on poop with pieces of toilet paper all over your little one’s tush should be avoided at all costs.

Storing these new flushable wipes doesn’t have to be tacky. Keep them inconspicuous in all your bathrooms by placing in a simple wipe tub like this one. There is plain white, with grey top, or light pink top. Having children doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all style.

Step stools are a must, ideally have one in all the bathrooms of your house. I even have two in my girl’s bathroom so that they don’t have to drag one from the toilet to the sink. Accidents happen easily when the stool isn’t next to the toilet, trust me. This set of four is SOOOO pretty and reasonable for what you’re getting. I’m all about keeping a pretty home! Here is a different option for just two. Obviously any step stool will do, I just like to keep my home looking stylish even with step stools all around.

Continuing with the idea that your toddler bathroom can be both practical and pretty I found these faucet extenders for my littles’ hands. Good hand washing technique is encouraged, so keep them clean by having this on your faucet at all times. It’s not colorful or tacky so you can keep it on at all times without messing with your look.

Function doesn’t have to be ugly. Get yourself one of these toilet seats while your littles are young. It is so great because it has TWO seats. One for little tushies and one for adults. It’s nice to have this “permanent” child seat to prevent falls into the toilet. They happen!

This one might make you laugh, but I think it’s genius. Keep one of these in all your bathrooms. You can easily wipe up accidents and wipe down doorknobs and sinks as needed. I’m a clean freak, but being home with the kids you’ll find that the accidents happen often, and running to find paper towels and cleaner isn’t the most convenient!

I hope this list gives you the confidence to tackle potty training. Having a prepared home sure makes it a whole lot easier!

Good luck!!

Why Being a #girlmom is Scary AF

Don’t get me wrong, being a girl mom has been the biggest dream come true. There’s pink and floral everywhere, colorful bows and matching outfits, dollhouses and ballet classes. But, what doesn’t let me sleep at night is what comes next.

We always say Karma is a b*tch, right? I’m worried that what I’ve done and how I acted toward my own mother is going to come back to me bite me you know where. Girls and their mamas, well it’s like oil and water for a little while. And it TERRIFIES ME! I am here playing barbies, dressing them up, being their number one coolest gal and it isn’t going to last forever.

I know it will all hit the fan at the first sign of PMS and everyone menstruating at the same time (my poor husband, bless his heart). Then it’ll snowball into mom doesn’t get me. I’m sure I will be the worst human in the world because I laid down the law when daddy wasn’t home. My girls will want to talk to each other and not me. They will dislike what I wear, what I make for dinner, and how I discipline them. I will be that person they like until they don’t and everything I do will be so annoying. Why did I act like this to my own mother??????

I’m not saying I want to be their best friend. Not at that age anyway, but I just can’t imagine these two loves of my life “hating” me, calling me names in their heads, and wishing they could get away from me. It’s coming and I know it and it breaks my heart. You know? The inevitable, it’s coming and for some reason I’m mourning what I’m literally enjoying right this very moment.

I hope that when the haze of adolescence clears they will realize that I was actually awesome and that no matter how annoying they felt I was at times, I am their mom and moms are the best thing in the world. I hope that they will be my best friends and let me back into their circle as young adults. I hope that karma doesn’t bite me in the tush for how I acted to my own mother, the one I can’t event apologize to as I venture in her footsteps. For now I will relish in the moments I have where “because I said so” sticks, and even after they’ve gotten in trouble with me, I’m the one they they run to for a big hug crying “mama!”

Being nostalgic over things I’m still living, if that isn’t motherhood in a nutshell, I don’t know what is!

Hope you’re enjoying your family today!

Let’s Stay in Bed

When we moved to our new home we didn’t have the budget to start completely from scratch. For half the year we kept our queen size set that was my mom’s (in 2006!) and just lived with it.

We had a 1955 ranch style home in Florida, and tiny old spaces is a kind way to describe some of it. It was charming and wonderful, but normal bedroom and coat closet bathroom would be a more realistic way to explain it. Having a large bedroom AND bathroom overwhelmed us at first, but we learned to embrace a minimalist vibe. Moving will do that to you! I knew that in order to keep our large spaces feeling large I wanted a bright farmhouse style bedroom.

Cue in this simple farmhouse bed, my favorite bedding and some simple touches.
Beddy’s ( Zippered Bedding for All! I fell in love with this bedding from no other than Instagram! It looked so appealing, bedding that could be made up quickly and always look tucked, and no pesky sheets to get tangled in. What I didn’t know then is that I would have one for every bed in my house, LOVE the minky fabric over the cotton only, and that my husband would NEVER be able to pull the sheets off of me because I very smartly keep half my side zipped up through the night! This new collection is by far my favorite. It’s chic and classy. It’s called Love at First White, and I cannot say enough about it!
When it came to furniture, we kept hearing from these Texas folk, “go to Nebraska!” I couldn’t understand how they would recommend driving over 700 miles to buy furniture. Quickly I was informed it was a larger furniture store owned by Warren Buffet. Even my realtor recommended it. I found out that they carried Magnolia Home and we couldn’t get there quick enough. It’s as big or bigger than Ikea, but much calmer, and had every price range in mind. This bedroom set caught our eye early on because of its grey wash color and large headboard with the signature farmhouse X lines.

Finishing touches are what make a space feel finished. I knew I wanted an oversized farmhouse style flaxseed linen lumbar pillow like I kept seeing on my Instagram feed. But, not only is it a mouthful, but it is hard to find under $200. My husband would kill me, so I had to find another solution. Enter one of my favorite listings in my etsy shop! The pillow you see above (and shown on my guest bedroom here) is actually a plain old body pillow! I get closed shams and customize them with cute phrases to compliment your style. The flaxseed linen, shown above in my room is by far my favorite. It costs a little more, but it is DEFINITELY under $200. I think it makes the space look so fancy, and truly all I did was throw a body pillow on after I made the bed. Win, win!
There is still some work to do, like curtain rods and curtains (aheemmm husband!), but I think that these staple items, bought over the past year really made our space feel like a home.

Do you have a Cricut or Silhouette? Want me to do a tutorial on my Oversize Lumbar Pillow hack?




DIY Galvanized Sheet Dry Erase Board

There’s the Pinterest Mom and the Amazon Prime Mom, but as it is with all things; I think a happy medium is best. Meet the Pinterest/Prime Mom. She finds something she likes, wants to do it in a less expensive way, with all materials arriving within two days, & in a can do fashion. I am definitely a mix of both and I also have a DIY Dad to help me make these dreams reality.
Today we finished an idea I got a couple of weeks ago. I remembered a friend using a galvanized drip pan on a wall as a precious dry erase board, but it wasn’t really working with my decor or idea in mind. I began to search the internet and Pinterest for something we could cheaply and easily do. You can be finished with this project for under $50. I’ve added some extras that the girls are loving as well.


  • Galvanized 24″ x 48″ Metal Sheet . Comes with all the mounting tools except anchors.
  • (2) 7 foot pieces of trim. This can be to your style. We chose a primed white one that matched our floorboards.
  • Pack of white framing nails. Don’t need to be white, but we were sticking with white.
  • Hammer
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • White Acrylic Trim Caulk
  • Level
  • Paint for your trim
  • Drywall anchors if you need them

Granted, I only watched but here is what we did. This metal sheet arrived in two days with Amazon prime. You definitely need two people to hold it and drill it directly into the wall. The edges are sharp so wearing gloves would be smart. Once it was secured onto the wall we removed the protective film it came with. Voila!

However, we quickly realized that no border or trim meant that the girls would literally draw right off the board and onto the wall. With our horrible cheap wall paint it was easier to wipe off the paint than the marker with a Magic Eraser so we ran to Lowes. We picked a trim that went with the style we were looking for, but really you can do with that what you wish. The possibilities really are endless. Ryan started measuring by using the length of the metal and cut a 45 degree angle away from both ends. He then repeated for the height. He did not use a level, but we think it’s definitely key in making it easy for all four pieces to square up once its time to mount them to the wall. This part was also very simple, he just used the framing nails to nail all the trim pieces in while I held them in place. He went ahead and gave it a smooth look by caulking it with white acrylic trim caulk on top of the nails and where each wooden piece met. Lastly, he brushed it with some leftover white trim paint.And that folks was it! Super simple, super cute, & very practical!


Have a great day friends!


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