How to Deal with your MLM Friends

Within the past 5 years of my life I have noticed a surge of my friends “taking their life into their own hands” and “becoming their own bosses.” Most of them have done this through some sort of multi level marketing (MLM) company like Monat, Rodan Fields, or whatever else is flooding your feeds and inboxes these days. Its basically Mary Kay for millenials. Though … Continue reading How to Deal with your MLM Friends

Easter Baskets that are Out of the Box

I’m not one to eat too much candy or to encourage my kids to eat candy that often, but think that instead there is a cute way to add joy to Easter baskets without overflowing them with sugar. Since this holiday is already filled with Jesus and chocolate, I figured I’d come up with some guides to help my like-minded friends spoil everyone in the … Continue reading Easter Baskets that are Out of the Box

Day Tripping to Spring at the Silos

Most of our homes are decorated by the “Fixer Upper” movement that Chip and Joanna Gaines created. Their show, paints, furniture, magazine, and decor have inspired us all, but my favorite business venture of theirs is Magnolia Market in the heart of Waco, Texas. Waco is about an hour and 45 minutes south of Dallas and a little over 2 hours north of Austin. It … Continue reading Day Tripping to Spring at the Silos

Bathroom Refresh & Recycle

Styling up your bathroom doesn’t have to be extensive or expensive. I am always trying to find different ways to simplify and streamline spaces (alliteration much?!) so that they look more aesthetically pleasing. Recently I’ve noticed that people have been transferring their bathroom products into matching containers and a light bulb went off. I am sooooo tired of all the colorful mismatched bathroom products lining … Continue reading Bathroom Refresh & Recycle