DIY Sensory Kits: Mermaid Edition

I got it in my head that for Georgie’s third birthday I wanted to gift every child a sensory box from Young, Wild, & Friedman. This is completely Jada Leigh’s fault ((@jadadleigh)) with her daughter’s gorgeous T.B.B.C’s Darien Daisy themed party. Julie Friedman makes the most magnificent sensory kits and mini kits imaginable. From making beautiful play dough from scratch and coming up with kits … Continue reading DIY Sensory Kits: Mermaid Edition

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Survival Swimming: Laps Around the Rest

My two daughters have been taking survival swimming lessons since they were 6 months respectively. They also have been in maintenance classes at least once a year. Because of our positive experiences with these programs and my love for survival swim, I am an adamant supporter of survival swim, as opposed to the traditional swim classes most people are used to. This summer I had … Continue reading Survival Swimming: Laps Around the Rest

My Prime Day Faves 2019

Hi friends! I don’t want to clog your feeds and phones with another #nsale or #primeday post. However, I am a HUGE amazon shopper so I figured I’d quickly make a list of what I’ve bought, will buy today, or wish I could buy (if money allowed!) Happy shopping! Before you get started consider these options below. Right now would be a great time so … Continue reading My Prime Day Faves 2019

Play Dough Date

We’ve been working hard to get some homemade sensory kits ready to give out as party favors for Georgie’s third birthday. In these 20 sensory kits I wanted to include three different colors of play dough ((among other things)). So I scoured the internet for different recipes that seemed easy enough to do and would help me save a little money. I came upon a … Continue reading Play Dough Date

Sprucing up for Spring

The holidays are over, the house has been bare for a couple of months, and you’re sick of feeling those Winter blues. Fear not, because spring is finally here! This season brings new life, leaves on trees, flowers blooming, and… spring cleaning. However, I don’t think we have to do it in the traditional sense. Sure, let’s all keep clean homes, but instead let’s think … Continue reading Sprucing up for Spring

PGA National Resort and Spa: A Getaway Made for Pros

In the heart of the Palm Beaches lies the home of the Honda Classic, PGA National Resort and Spa. Charlie, Georgie, and I ventured to Florida this spring for our first ever Mommy and Me trip. The girls and I met up with our Instagram/blogger friend Lauren Diamantas (For the Love of Matching) and her daughters Charlotte and Caroline. This dream team girl gang was … Continue reading PGA National Resort and Spa: A Getaway Made for Pros