Why Being a #girlmom is Scary AF

Don’t get me wrong, being a girl mom has been the biggest dream come true. There’s pink and floral everywhere, colorful bows and matching outfits, dollhouses and ballet classes. But, what doesn’t let me sleep at night is what comes next. We always say Karma is a b*tch, right? I’m worried that what I’ve done and how I acted toward my own mother is going … Continue reading Why Being a #girlmom is Scary AF

DIY Galvanized Sheet Dry Erase Board

There’s the Pinterest Mom and the Amazon Prime Mom, but as it is with all things; I think a happy medium is best. Meet the Pinterest/Prime Mom. She finds something she likes, wants to do it in a less expensive way, with all materials arriving within two days, & in a can do fashion. I am definitely a mix of both and I also have … Continue reading DIY Galvanized Sheet Dry Erase Board

Kid Art is the Worst

Ok, so let’s be brutally honest here for a second. What percentage of kid art is actually worth keeping in storage for the rest of their lives? It’s small, its those hand prints and cute potato family portraits– and that’s it. If you’re like me, the clutter of a million hand print renditions of the holidays can become… dare I say it? Annoying? I found … Continue reading Kid Art is the Worst

Long Travel with Kids in the Car

We’ve mastered the art of the four hour drive, but it’s that double digit trip that can be a real doozie. As we begin to pack and prepare for our twelve hour plus drive, I figured I’d share what I know now. Some of you might be preparing for a long drive for Christmas Break as well! I’ll do a recap AFTER our 12 hour … Continue reading Long Travel with Kids in the Car