Wayfair WAYDAY 2019 Round Up!

If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE to window shop almost as much as I love to actually shop. The only problem I have is that I am not a millionaire, so I really can’t buy everything that catches my eye. Until maybe, TODAY! For the next day you can head to Wayfair and up 80% […]

Bathroom Refresh & Recycle

Styling up your bathroom doesn’t have to be extensive or expensive. I am always trying to find different ways to simplify and streamline spaces (alliteration much?!) so that they look more aesthetically pleasing. Recently I’ve noticed that people have been transferring their bathroom products into matching containers and a light bulb went off. I am […]

Marie Kondo Who?

Just kidding, I’m sure she’s great. I just haven’t yet read her book, though I am sure I’d like it, and I haven’t watched her show yet, though I’m sure it would spark even more OCD in me. However, I do know I like to keep a tidy home. When we first moved into a […]

Let’s Stay in Bed

When we moved to our new home we didn’t have the budget to start completely from scratch. For half the year we kept our queen size set that was my mom’s (in 2006!) and just lived with it. We had a 1955 ranch style home in Florida, and tiny old spaces is a kind way […]