Holiday Outfit Ideas

I absolutely loveeeeee Red Dress for all my shopping needs. I went online and did some “window shopping” for those of you who want to dress cute for the holidays at home, a holiday dinner or even for a holiday party!


Tis the Season for Elves

Are you an Amazon mom or a Pinterest mom? I am a Pinterest researcher, but definitely fall more into the Amazon mom, prime things 1 day before I need them kinda gal. If you are like me, good intentions and not a lot of motivation, then The Confetti Box’s Elf Box is for you! I found them last year and was immediately obsessed. The Confetti Box sells different box sets for various occasions, but the Elf Boxes are by far my favorite.

There are two kinds of Elf Boxes: Silly Elf and Kindness Elf. The Kindness Elf Box (which is unfortunately sold out) features 25 days of spirit of Christmas and kindness activities. The Silly Elf Box features 25 days of fun, funny, and memorable poses. The boxes come with or without an Elf, and also girl, or light haired or dark haired boy. You can also add on an extra elf if you need one more! The boxes come with 25 days of directions, 25 days of supplies, and even ideas to embellish. The boxes will be mostly different from last year, but do include some fan favorites.

We have the Silly Elf in this house and its always so much fun to set up. I love using the Elf Box because my kids enjoy looking for Violet (our elf) in all her funny business and I don’t have to work so hard to make their December memorable. Honestly, just remembering to move Violet every night is enough work for me, I love not having to plan and purchase everything separately! The boxes are $70 with the elf, or $65 without and you can get 20% off if you use the code CATALINA20. That comes out to $2.24 a day! I think that I would spend much more than that trying to come up with innovative and fun ideas for Violet. That is why this is suchhhhh a steal.

Make sure you follow on Instagram, Lindsey (and her sister Taylor, who has stepped back since becoming pregnant with number 4) created this business and continues to work hard to keep it amazing! Above all, I love supporting small businesses. So, get to it, you will not regret it!

My Hair… Gee Thanks Just Bought It

From the obvious Kardashians and Ariana Grande, to the not so obvious mom blogger or girl next door with luscious locks, someone you know or admire has hair extensions. There are tons of options on the market these days from clip ins, halo, tape ins, keratin bond, microbead, and sewn in– there is something for everyone. Some people use extensions for length, others for thickness, and some for both. Over the past 12 years I have tried just about every type to no avail, until now, but more on that later.

Below you will see a picture of all my hair extensions over the years:

  • My first experience was with clip ins was for my wedding (this was in 2012). They were so beautiful and I admit there is something to be said about being able to just TAKE THEM OFF! Clip ins are annoying because you have to put them all around your head and really can’t do high pony tails, pig tails, or any hair do’s that lift sections of your hair. The price range is pretty reasonable though, starting at $20 on Amazon or if you plan on using name brands like Luxy Hair, they can start at upwards of $150.
  • I then moved on to Halo Couture extensions. There are many different brands, but I think that Halo is the original of its kind. It is a weft that sits on the back of your head attached to a clear fishing line type string. It lays on your head like a headband, or halo, and adds length without it being permanent or being too difficult. Love this option for the people that love the length or thickness but just cannot commit to anything permanent. Way easier to use than clip ins and I think more realistic. A downside (but also maybe not), is that you have to be fit by a salon professional who sells Halo. My girl Nicole, at The Beauty Hive Salon in Roanoke TX, happens to be a Halo Couture salon. Halo extensions can run around $500 and up depending on style and custom color.
  • Fall of 2018 I became obsessed with Mermaid Hair by Katie Rogers @mermaidhairxo. I actually won a full set of Mermaid Hair via one of her Instagram contests! This was my first experience with a more permanent type of extension. Back then Katie’s salon, The Mermaid SEAlon, only offered bead hair extensions (they are now doing some sort of hand tied weft, but in thicker chunks and many more rows). They pride themselves in doing full, thick, and long mermaid hair so each chunk of hair is heavy and put on using a large metal bead that is crimped using a plier. If you look above, you can see that the tip of each “strand” is as thick as a shoe lace end! They attach these 100 TIMES ALL OVER YOUR HEAD. It was heavy, painful, and the hair tended to clump if I didn’t brush often. I only lasted a month with the full set, another month with half to 1/4th, and on Christmas Eve morning I begged my husband to remove the rest with pliers because I just couldn’t take the discomfort anymore! These specific types of beaded extensions cost anywhere from $1500 for the hair and installation.
  • I have never tried, nor wanted to try, Keratin bonds. It is basically gluing chunks of hair onto chunks of your hair. Google it, it looks scary as it grows out. It also seems very difficult to get out without messing up your hair.
  • I will admit that I have been tempted to try tape-ins. I feel like just about anyone can do them, because you literally just tape a piece of hair onto a piece of hair. From what I understand, consumers love them, but hair stylists don’t recommend them. If you want a more real look, where you can do a high pony tail or even move your hair around without worrying about seeing a tape in, then this is not for you.
  • Fall 2019 I finally swallowed down my extension PTSD and tried hand tied wefts from The Beauty Hive Salon per a good friend’s recommendation. I am going to go more in depth about this process, because it is by far the best format I’ve ever tried. Pricing varies on how long you want the hair, how many rows you need, and if there needs to be any custom color. Look to spend around $500+.

A good friend of mine got hair extensions right after I got my mermaid hair in 2018. She has now had them for over a year and continues to love them. After I had my husband remove the last of the mermaid hair on Christmas Eve, I decided hair extensions weren’t for me. Not even a year later and I was super jealous of how gorgeous, long, and full my friend’s hair looked. I decided I should give extensions one last try, if she could do it, surely I could too. I went into The Beauty Hive to see Nicole (the owner), with a lot of PTSD. My first reaction was, “these beads are tiny!” Seriously though, compared to the mermaid hair beads, these really were micro. She assured me that we would only do one row of beads in order to place the weft. I was still pretty nervous, so Nicole even put in some beads for me to get a feel for it. I didn’t feel bad at all, I hardly felt a thing. We went on with my consult and she put in an order for my 18 inch wefts, that she planned on smudge rooting for a seamless ombre look. A couple of weeks later I came back for my install, and the results were fantastic. The little row of beads really didn’t hurt, it just felt like a small braid or corn row of some sort. She even suggested taking a pain reliever and loosened the beads up for me so that I would have the least discomfort possible. In total the install took about 45 minutes. Nicole and one of her employees, Adrienne, really just put that hand tied weft in like the pros that they are. There was some sort of needle and thread type contraption going on, and from what I understand they sort of sew the weft around the beaded part. As the hair grows it all moves down seamlessly, you should continue brushing the root and everything! After the install was complete, the ladies made sure that the roots were colored to match my natural roots so that no one sees that there is a weft when the wind blows! Lastly there was a blowdry, dry cut, and style. Oh and lucky for me, I even got a fancy braid done!! I’m scheduled to go in about 7 weeks to push up my hair and do any color maintenance necessary. I was able to sleep on my hair just fine, I put it up in a high pony today and it didn’t bother me, and brushing is super simple. All in all the experience has been easy and painless, and if I do say so myself, I think that the results are stunning!

I am so thankful for the Nicole and all of the super sweet ladies over at The Beauty Hive Salon in Roanoke Texas. They are perfectionists and professionals. I recommend this type of extension, and them specifically to anyone looking to get longer and/or fuller looking hair!

Rupunzel signing off,

Gifting for the New Parents

Being a new mom is rough, its more difficult than I could have ever imagined. There are so many new things happening, from experiences to information. It can be incredibly intimidating! Gathering information and ideas from seasoned parents who had already done the trial and error before me was such a blessing. One of the best gifts you can give to a friend that is becoming a new parent, is the gift of information!

I’ve teamed up with Walmart to show you all the name brand products that they have to offer, as well as showcasing Parent’s Choice and their 20 years of trusted products. Here is a list of products that seasoned parents love and at prices that you’ll love too!

Mama Essentials

When you’re having a baby, hardly anyone remembers the challenges that mothers go through. Pamper your mom to be with items that will help her smoothly transition into motherhood or enhance the mothering experience for the growing family.


Your child’s tushy is something you didn’t realize would be so important! When it comes to diapers the choices are infinite. Walmart has all the name brand choices as well as trusted favorites like Parent’s Choice and Hello Bello organic products.


Now that the diapers are coming off, cleansing your little one’s body is essential. There is no better way that organic products that are safe and work well.


From formula to breastmilk, baby food to pumping products– here are some of the most reliable brands to feed your child of all ages.


Strollers and carseats and joggers, oh my! Going anywhere with kids requires equipment. Check these name brand deals out!


Taking care of your child is your number one job. These products will give you peace of mind while keeping their best interest in mind.


I bet you didn’t know that Walmart has beautiful nursery essentials. The cribs and cradles are gorgeous and the price will shock you!

Whether you’re a friend buying for a new mom or a seasoned parent growing your family. Walmart has some great deals for baby products that cannot be beat. Help a friend out and give them the gift of knowledge with products that will allow them to enjoy the motherhood.

From this mama to you,

Pampering Princesses

I have been jealous before, of the fun life my girls live. Yesterday, however, may have taken the cake! Party N Glow invited Charlie and Georgie to spend a day seeing everything that this splendid spa has to offer.

Right in the heart of Southlake you’ll find this little girls’ dream. It is a beautifully lit gem of all shades of pink. When you first walk in, you’ll find a pink flower wall topped with a beautiful balloon arch, perfect for all the pictures. Among the pink round settee and crystal chandelier you’ll find a cute boutique of curated items. Past the entrance there are six little girl size pedicure spa seats, a nail station, as well as two salon chairs for haircuts, updo’s, and make up needs! In the back you’ll find a changing station, complete with robes and slippers, just like mommy’s spa. It is such a beautiful space that you can hardly believe that it was built for little girls.

Party N Glow isn’t only for the day spa experience, it is also an incredible party venue! We’re excited to book Charlie’s 5th birthday party here in December after this visit. Past the boutique you’ll enter into a precious party room decorated ready for tea, (or to your decor preferences). This long table seats 18 guests and during the party has pastries and fruit on tiered serving trays. Events at Party N Glow include, the above mentioned plus pizza, 2 hosts to run the party, spa treatments, like nails and updos, and dress up and karaoke on stage.

Whether you choose to take your princess for a spa visit or to entertain a court of little ladies, this place is THE place to be. We are so excited that DFW has a venue for our little girls. Trust me, it’s an experience you and your littles will not want to miss.

Til our next adventure,

DIY Faux Laundry Butcher Block

On another episode of DIY with Ry, we take on a laundry room refresh. We bought our house brand new in 2018 and love it. However, it is builder grade. We are very much into homes with character, so decor and additions are what do the trick for us. We’ve been wanting to redo the laundry room a bit and finally took our first big step. We added a faux butcher block counter above our front loading washer and dryer.

Depending on your budget a butcher block might be beautiful, but out of the question. I was shocked to find how expensive these were. Anywhere from Ikea, to The Home Depot, to Menard’s, they still run you anywhere from $200-$900 depending on size. I was getting very discouraged when suddenly I stopped mid scroll on Instagram. A friend of mine was making a coffee table top in a workshop with three wood planks and voila, the idea came to me. Let’s make out own butcher block counter!


  • Pine planks, we used (4) 2x6x8s but really you will have to figure out what width will work best for you.
  • Pine (1) 1x3x8
  • Wood Glue
  • Minwax Polyshades— we used the color tudor. (This was easy to do, but did come with a shinier finish than I would have liked, you could opt for a regular stain but would need to seal it somehow so that laundry detergent and other things don’t eat away the stain.)
  • Shelf brackets (4) that hold up to 200 lbs each, however if we were to do it again we would use 1×4’s along the wall like this
  • Anchors and screws
  • Wood Filler
  • Power Drill
  • Screw Driver
  • Power Hand Sander
  • Power Hand Planer (optional but we’re so happy we have this tool now!)
  • Wood Clamp
  • Foam brushes
  • Level


  • Measure width and depth of space you want to build counter top for
  • Cut down pine planks at 1/2 an inch less of the width of your space
  • Cut pine 1x3x8 down in to 3 pieces that are 6 inches less of the depth of your space
  • Double check that all your planks fit correctly in your space
  • If you have a planing tool you can plane all the sides down so that they are as square as possible
  • Glue all planks together and clamp until dry
  • Using the three cut 1x3s secure the wood planks with short screws. Place one piece perpendicular in the center and two on either side in the same direction.
  • Flip over the table top and sand with electric hand sander.
  • Notice gaps and dips and fill in with wood filler. Allow to dry
  • Sand table again until smooth.
  • Use foam brush to stain table top. Allow to dry and continue to stain until reached desired outcome
  • Place shelf brackets on walls only about 1/2 more than the width of the tabletop including the 1×3 underneath. Use anchors included. Make sure all brackets are level.
  • Once tabletop has dried for 24 hours (or like us, dry enough to grab) place on top of brackets.


This project was really fun and not terribly difficult. I am so happy to have the first step of my dream laundry room complete! Next up, wallpaper, maybe some tile work (or faux tile work). I want to remove that bar (because it is not useable! Maybe come up with a different option to air dry clothes and definitely want a new hamper. Cannot wait to show you guys how this all looks when it is actually complete! Don’t hesitate to message me or comment if you want any help with your own DIY butcher block.

Until the next project,

Book club: September 2019

The art of racing in the rain by Garth Stein

This post will contain spoilers. If you wish to see what books we are reading go to our Book Club page. This space is meant for discussion once you have read the book.

I will admit that it took my a while to get into this book. It was a little strange at first, to get into Enzo’s doggie mind. Once I got comfortable with it though I started to enjoy it more.

When I got halfway and Eve had passed, I wasn’t sure where this story was going to go. I didn’t expect for the “twins” to be so terrible. Honestly most of the book I wasn’t sad, I was stressed. Enzo was the best character overall, he’s the one I felt the most connection with. The ending was the only good part for me, and even then to me it felt lacking. The entire book felt like it was a drag, the racing terminology was cute but sometimes felt like overkill. I enjoyed the book, it was one I could pick up and equally put it down, my life didn’t revolve around knowing what happened. I liked the book but it never was something that I was obsessed with. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mind space to read this book, because I’ve heard so many people say to get the tissues and i don’t understand why. I almost cried at one point, but I didn’t overly connect to it. Maybe I compared it too much to Marley and Me, maybe I was expecting more. I was just so disappointed in Eve’s actions with her own health, and mad at her parents actions with Zoe.

What did you think? Did you love it??? Please tell me why because I just can’t wrap my mind around that!

Get ready to grab Where the Crawdads Sing for October

Happy reading,

Keeping Up with the Kids

From NB diapers to pull ups, or crib sheets to night lights, there is always something new that your kiddos “need”. Sometimes it’s just a fun bedroom refresh. Other times it’s necessary items like a toddler bed or forward facing car seat, because as our kiddos grow their needs change. This phase of life moves rather quickly and there are so many products that are available to help us make those moments as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Walmart has always been the go to place for a great deal, but lately I’m not the only one who has noticed that they’re one of the leading places for baby items! There is a whole page dedicated to baby savings month and it’s even categorized by age. Think Black Friday, but all month long. That item you’ve been meaning to grab, or snag some good Christmas goodies!

Love love love our Hatch Baby and new unicorn lamp! Linked both below.

On the go

Diapers + wipes


Health + safety



unicorn lamp // fluffy blush pillow // hatch baby sound machine // wire and wood tray // wire caddy // bath rug // unicorn dress // how to catch a unicorn book

Happy shopping!!!

Mommy, how do babies eat?

This question has risen before, more recently when a friend is over feeding their baby the way the woman’s body was made to. As we all know, fed is best, but breast is a very celebrated option. I myself only lasted a short while breast feeding with my first child, but I have the utmost respect and admiration for those mothers out there that had the ability and endurance to breast feed. For whatever period of time from not at all, a minute, a day, a week, a month, or even a year and over. So, Happy National Breastfeeding Awareness month to all!

Because of Breast Feeding Awareness Month, Walmart has been showcasing this national event by having deals on all sorts of breastfeeding and feeding items. This is your chance to grab some essentials at a very good roll back price (some with a gift card bonus as well)! Below you will find items that my friends and I stand behind.

Breast Feeding // Pumping

Bottle Feeding


read on

Book Club: August 2019

A Stranger in the house by Shari Lapena

This post will contain spoilers. If you wish to see what books we are reading go to our Book Club page. This space is meant for discussion once you have read the book.

I really liked this book! When it first arrived, I kept putting off starting it. I just couldn’t tell if it was scary or not from the title and book cover and I just wasn’t in the mood. One day I picked it up and within the first two pages I was hooked. That night after the kids went down, I read until I finished. For me, it was a pretty quick read. My mind couldn’t be quieted, I had to know if Karen had actually killed her ex-husband. I kept going back and forth. Once I started sensing that Brigid was crazy, I really wanted to believe it was her! I was even sure at one point that she was pregnant with Tom’s child or even Karen was, while she was knitting that yellow sweater for “her friend”. Granted, this is not the BEST thriller I have ever read, but it did the trick. This would’ve been great on a plane ride or an interesting book to read while lounging at the beach.

I definitely recommend it to people who like suspenseful books like The Girl on the Train. Tell me what you thought! It’s OK if we don’t have the same opinion, that’s what makes this fun! Who did you think was the killer??? I was pretty sure Brigid did it until we found out that Karen is one really good liar and con artist. I sure hope there is a second book too!

Hope you join us next month!