Let’s Stay in Bed

When we moved to our new home we didn’t have the budget to start completely from scratch. For half the year we kept our queen size set that was my mom’s (in 2006!) and just lived with it. We had a 1955 ranch style home in Florida, and tiny old spaces is a kind way […]

Kid Art is the Worst

Ok, so let’s be brutally honest here for a second. What percentage of kid art is actually worth keeping in storage for the rest of their lives? It’s small, its those hand prints and cute potato family portraits– and that’s it. If you’re like me, the clutter of a million hand print renditions of the […]

This Season of Life

I keep hearing this phrase and I can relate so much to it words can hardly express. This season of life is a hard one. It’s hard because it is so special and wonderful and we all know it comes to an end. This season of life is hard because as we are living it […]