Hi! I’m Catalina.

Welcome to Life with C&G. I don’t like the title mommy blog, but this little space is where I share a bit of my life which does include my life with my girls Charlie & Georgie. I am a lover of crafting, decor, toddler style (#matchymatchy mostly), DIYs, parenting tips, and travel (usually with kids, though we will take without too). This is a place I hope you can find inspiration to tackle on whatever it is your heart desires.

Here’s some info about me:

  • I’m from Pembroke Pines Florida, which for those of you not from Florida, I tell is near Miami.
  • I graduated from the University of Central Florida (National Champs 2018!!!) with a degree in Elementary Education
  • I met my husband Ryan in 2007 while at UCF, we dated immediately and got married in 2012!
  • We moved from Orlando, to Dallas, to Ocala, back to Dallas for my husband’s career
  • I taught middle school remedial reading
  • Charlie is short for Charlotte & Georgie is short for Georgia
  • C is 4 and G is 3
  • We love Disney and used to be Annual Passholders (when we lived in FL)
  • My husband Ryan is an avid DIYer, I just document it
  • I love for my girls to match, and they actually like it too… for now
  • We love our sweet pup Izzy who turned 11 this year, but is only 3 lbs. She’s a Yorkshire Terrier.
  • We added a new puppy baby to our life. Rosie Ellie, whom we just call Rosie. She is a Biewer Terrier and is under 3 lbs.
  • My mom, my best friend, passed away when my first daughter was 2 weeks old
  • My dad (who was split from my mom for years but stayed close to help her through her sickness) is amazing. He and my step mom are amazing at being grandparents for my kids.
  • I am blessed with the best in-laws that have graced this earth. My mother in law is one of my best friends and my number one supporter. We couldn’t do life without that woman, near or far!
  • I am 100% Colombia, but a first generation American. This has shaped so much of who I am
  • We travel often, and mostly I do it with my girls by myself. Visiting family sometimes requires travelling internationally and I don’t let it slow my roll. We think the pros always outweigh the cons and the memories are totally worth it.
  • I started selling bows locally and on Etsy when Georgie was a baby in 2016
  • My shop evolved into C&G Designs and is mainly personalized seasonal and Disney shirts, but is currently shut down
  • Instagram is a huge creative outlet for me. I started doing more lifestyle content because it’s really where my passion is at.
  • This blog is an extension of my Instagram, though eventually I hope IG will become an extension of this blog as I grow into a more eloquent writer and storyteller.
  • I truly enjoy sharing any tips and tricks that I have found along the way of life. I love when people share where they found decor, or how to easily manage toddler tantrums because it helps me feel less alone.
  • I hope that I can be here to help you all feel less alone too! Together we can figure out all the things!

by: Catalina Freeman


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