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Tis the Season for Elves

Are you an Amazon mom or a Pinterest mom? I am a Pinterest researcher, but definitely fall more into the Amazon mom, prime things 1 day before I need them kinda gal. If you are like me, good intentions and not a lot of motivation, then The Confetti Box’s Elf Box is for you! I found them last year and was immediately obsessed. The Confetti Box sells different box sets for various occasions, but the Elf Boxes are by far my favorite.

There are two kinds of Elf Boxes: Silly Elf and Kindness Elf. The Kindness Elf Box (which is unfortunately sold out) features 25 days of spirit of Christmas and kindness activities. The Silly Elf Box features 25 days of fun, funny, and memorable poses. The boxes come with or without an Elf, and also girl, or light haired or dark haired boy. You can also add on an extra elf if you need one more! The boxes come with 25 days of directions, 25 days of supplies, and even ideas to embellish. The boxes will be mostly different from last year, but do include some fan favorites.

We have the Silly Elf in this house and its always so much fun to set up. I love using the Elf Box because my kids enjoy looking for Violet (our elf) in all her funny business and I don’t have to work so hard to make their December memorable. Honestly, just remembering to move Violet every night is enough work for me, I love not having to plan and purchase everything separately! The boxes are $70 with the elf, or $65 without and you can get 20% off if you use the code CATALINA20. That comes out to $2.24 a day! I think that I would spend much more than that trying to come up with innovative and fun ideas for Violet. That is why this is suchhhhh a steal.

Make sure you follow @the.confetti.box on Instagram, Lindsey (and her sister Taylor, who has stepped back since becoming pregnant with number 4) created this business and continues to work hard to keep it amazing! Above all, I love supporting small businesses. So, get to it, you will not regret it!


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