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No Speaking- Day 7 and done

My last full day staying silent was Wednesday, but I was supposed to go a full week. Thanks to my rule following husband, I was told to stay quiet until around 8 am Thursday. So officially I am home free today.

Yesterday was pretty fun! We took the girls to see Toy Story 4 and ate lunch at the theatre. I have always loved the Toy Story movies and was pretty upset when Toy Story 3 ended. I remember I went with my husband (then boyfriend) and was hysterically crying when it ended. See, I have a toy that I still keep, she’s been with me since I was two and I just cannot imagine being Andy and playing with my toys that one last time. Nowadays, Georgie actually sleeps with Pulgi and claims she’s hers, so I guess the reigns have been passed. That’s the beauty of children’s toys. They bring so much joy and importance to childhood and then they get to be with someone else and help them too. Toy Story 4’s ending really gutted me. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but it is just sad to see such a childhood legacy come to an end.

Today I am taking it real easy on my voice. It feels a little strange to talk and it bothers my ears a little. I feel like I learned a lot on this little healing journey. It’s easy to feel like something is impossible. It isn’t you just have to be committed and also have people around you who are committed to your goal. Another interesting takeaway was feeling how it was to not be understood. It is easy to think that, because deaf and hard of hearing people know ASL that they can get by. The problem is they know ASL and virutally no one else in their day to day knows it. I felt like a complete weirdo not being able to say hello back to someone when I walked into a store. Or having to write everything down to make a simple transaction. I know some ASL and that made me feel confident, but as soon as I was trying to have a conversation with my husband, I realized it did me no good because he didn’t know what I was saying. Another thing is, people kind of dumb down they way they talk to you. Just because I can’t talk, doesn’t mean I don’t understand or have a perfectly healthy brain. It’s just weird the things you notice people do and how they pretend to understand you and then kind of just stop talking to you. I have a whole new outlook on the deaf and hard of hearing world. I want to learn more ASL so that when I come across a person who wants to speak in ASL, I can confidently understand and speak back without looking away, dumbing things down, or just making them feel any less than they are. It’s been quite a week and I have to say I am really happy it is over. Now I need to take it easy and let my voice heal all the way!

Thank you for following me along and supporting me the whole way. It really was nice to have people cheer me on all week!

Hoarsely but speaking,


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