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No Speaking- Day 5 and 6

We are FINALLY in the homestretch!

Monday was spent in full throttle. Honestly, I was so exhausted I couldn’t even commit to getting on my computer to write about it. Georgie has speech on Monday mornings so we started with that, next we did another Target run (oops) and headed to the mall for their favorite lunch spot, The Rainforest Cafe. I blame that on my mother in law, but the girls love it and we can have beer with our lunch, so win-win. The girls got to go spend Georgie’s birthday Disney gift card at The Disney Store Outlet. That was quite the experience to say the least. Explain to a 3 and 4 year old (without a voice) that they can only spend as much money that is on the gift card. Georgie finally ended up getting a Snow White Dance Party Set, Belle Dinner Party Set, and Cinderella dress. While we were out, I thought why not check out the rest of the outlets. We hit up crocs and I got the girls new shoes they can use at the splash pad or on the daily. I also decided to hit up the Abercrombie Outlet while Mimi and the girls played on the carousel. I wish I could link the cute items I got at clearance pricing! The trick to Abercrombie is to go up a size from what you are at Old Navy, don’t feel bad about the size difference because you look better when your clothes isn’t cutting off circulation. Last but not least we hit up H&M to go check out what $4.99 dresses they had in stock. I’m so excited about the cheetah/leopard trend coming back because we were able to snag some long sleeve dress for the fall (there was also a tank dress option). Anyhow, as you have read our shopping day was a success and my exhaustion spoke for it.

Tuesday was switch day. We dropped off Mimi at 8:45 and picked up Papa at 9:15. They didn’t get to see each other but they basically passed the baton. Now my dad is here to help me with the last couple of days without talking. We decided that since there was a lot of transitioning that we should keep them happy. So, off we went to chick fil a for nuggets, ice dream, and time in the play room. After that we went to our local Suffolk dance store to get the girls ready for dance next week (NEXT WEEK?!?!?). That was quite the pretty woman moment. They tried on many tutu leotards and were very very entertained. Finally, we just came home and rested. Mimi goes full throttle and the girls are definitely worn out. Happy, but worn out. I did tons of laundry and made dinner and life slowly starts falling back into place.

Oh… I almost forgot. I have two wonderful friends who sent me books that arrived on Tuesday. My love language is definitely gifts and I love books. These women know me well.

One more full day of not talking and then I’m home free!! Who is nervous to hear what I sound like? I am!

Your shopaholic friend,


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