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No Speaking- Day 2 and 3

Friday was so much fun that I didn’t have time to write about how it went! Really this whole experience hasn’t been the worst. We’re loving that my mother in law is here to help out while I’m on voice rest, and to celebrate Georgie’s birthday. We are so fortunate to have family that will travel to help us out!

Day two started out with a trip to Walmart to find a bicycle and helmet for the new 3 year old in the house. Georgie was more than excited to pick out her new toy and to literally be pushed out of the store riding on it. I have been dying to see the new live action Lion King so that was next on our list.

The Lion King did not disappoint. It is insane how CGI has advanced in just a couple of years. It’s truly unbelievable that everything we saw wasn’t actually real. The music was awesome, and I think the only part that sucked was the fact that I couldn’t sing along! Also, if you’re in Texas and you haven’t been to an Alamo Drafthouse, you’re missing out. We love going for a matinee with the kids. We get to eat lunch and drink beer all while watching a movie in comfy seats. Afterward the movies we took my MIL to The Sound for some Eno’s and frozen wine. We enjoyed ourselves too much despite the fact I can’t talk, and everyone ended up in bed early!

Day 3 started off great. My mother in law made the most amazing Hash Brown Egg Bake from Taste of Home. The only thing she did different was use Simply Potatoes Southwest Style hashbrowns. Seriously, so dang delicious! Next up we all went outside to watch the kiddos ride their bikes. Georgie and Charlie were so excited to be riding together like big girls.

Later we went to Target! Georgie received some gift cards and money to go shopping. Charlie and her had so much fun getting to choose toys from the aisles. It brought me back to the good old days walking through Toys R Us. They picked some cool things. If you have a girl that likes American Girl dolls then the accessories in Target are definitely for you! They got the coolest jeep, a barbie dream car, and Ariel and Prince Eric (can’t find the link for some reason).

I started reading some books and have been lazy all evening reading or watching Veronica Mars. It’s not too fun to hang around people and not be allowed to speak!

Still quietly,


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