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No Speaking- Day One

Since I haven’t been able to talk in 12 hours, I figured now would be a fun time to put some words out in the world. God knows, this is hard for me and I still have six days to go!

Ryan drove me to the surgical center, or so we thought. We accidentally drove to the wrong place and ended up arriving a little later than we were supposed to. More talking time for me though so, winning! I finally went back to surgery around 7:30 and I think the procedure took no longer than 25 minutes. I definitely had no urge to talk once I was awake. My throat felt like I had something less than strep. I was however, extremely sleepy and woozy on my feet for a long time. I’ve basically been sleeping all day and stopped to eat some food and drink a smoothie. Nothing too exciting today, but I’m glad its one day almost done!

I’m so thankful for my mother in law keeping my girls busy today and helping them understand why I can’t talk to them!!

Things that made today bareable:

  • Smoothie Factory- strawberry, apple, kale, cinnamon (omg tastes like apple pie!)
  • Vanilla pudding with crumbled Nilla wafers
  • Pretty faux eyelashes and my blow dried hair (thanks Revlon brush) that everyone complemented me on
  • Homemade paper link count down with the kids (thanks Jennie)
  • Alone nap time!
  • Some semblance of ASL (but mostly me so maybe not so much)
  • Text to Speech app. It’s not the best but its better than nothing
  • Alexa app to make announcements via text on all my Alexa devices

Here’s to hoping Day two goes great. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me last night and today. It’s been so nice to know people love you.



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