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Sprucing up for Spring

The holidays are over, the house has been bare for a couple of months, and you’re sick of feeling those Winter blues. Fear not, because spring is finally here! This season brings new life, leaves on trees, flowers blooming, and… spring cleaning. However, I don’t think we have to do it in the traditional sense. Sure, let’s all keep clean homes, but instead let’s think of this Spring as an opportunity to spruce up our spaces and bring life into them! I recently did a little of this in my own home and it really comes down to a couple of steps. I did my design search on Wayfair.com and linked items I will (or REALLY want to) purchase to finish up this spring task.


First step is to clear out some things and, do what I like to call, find them homes. What I mean by this, is in order to keep a tidy home, everything needs to have a place to go when its put away. This task may require some organizational tools, like these plastic bins, for your pantry or storage spaces. I also like these fabric storage bins (in many colors) for more visible spaces like your office or under a bench. Having bins in closets allows you to categorize items and keep them categorized to find in the future. I like little bins throughout my home for throw blankets, remotes, shoes, and even kids toys.

Another area of your home that can be easily organized and will be much appreciated when done, are your drawers and cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom. Again, these spaces could probably use some cleaning out of older and expired items. Take everything out, keep what you want, and categorize. For your drawers there are awesome inserts that make putting things away and finding them later a breeze. I love this drawer organizer to keep batteries, bar tools, & all sorts of smaller items that end up in your junk drawer. This clear modular organizer keeps longer things into three spaces. If more usable/reachable room is what you’re missing, this two tier cabinet pull out attachment lets you use ALL the space in a cabinet since you can actually reach the things in the way back. I love using small baskets to keep things contained either on shelves, or in pull outs mainly in bathrooms.


Now that you have cleared out some things, and your space is “clean”, its time to rearrange what you’ve got! My mom always did this in my house and it was amazing how much a space can change by just moving things around. Erin from Cotton Stem calls it satisfying your “itch to switch.” You don’t necessarily have to buy TONS to liven up a space.

The living room was one of the places my mom changed the most. She would always rearrange the couches, switch the long one and the short one, or one time she had them both vertically in front of the TV. I have some arm chairs upstairs in a loft space that I could swap with my love seat downstairs. Simple(ish) moves that completely change the feel of your home.

The bedrooms were my mom’s second most changed spaces. Simply moving your bedroom furniture around creates easy change without added cost. I know that some spaces are more difficult than others because of window and door placement, but you don’t have to think big. Even moving a dresser to a different spot. Or adding a seat that you have in one room to another room can give you the change you’re looking for.


Whether you rearranged your existing furniture or not, there may be some spaces in your home that are missing little finishing touches. I love using faux plants to liven up a space. You cannot go wrong with a good faux fiddle leaf tree. Joanna Gaines made this tree super popular, and we’re not complaining. Place one in a corner, arrange a smaller one next to a taller one, or add height to a space by framing your TV console with two. I also like to include little faux flowers and greenery on my tables and counters throughout my home. We have had the same faux hydrangea flowers in our home for twelve years, and just move them around to different spots with each move or season change. In the kitchen or entryway I like to place faux rosemary (or this set). On tables and shelves in the living room or bathroom I love eucalyptus in a pot. Faux plants do cost more than real ones, but don’t let that deter you. You’re building up your collection of decor that can be rearranged for years to come!

Finally add one or two “big ticket” items to your home collection and finish out your Spring Sprucing! New seating is always needed and hardly ever refreshed. I have had the same hand me down barstools in my kitchen since my mom passed away. I am in love with these leather and metal stools, they coordinate perfectly with the rest of my home and would add a big change to my kitchen space. This metal four set is great for a farmhouse look. For our more modern friends, I admit I have been eyeing these too, I found ghost bar stools that give the illusion of more space.

Little tables are another thing I don’t usually purchase, but they do finish a space nicely. This end table could be the finishing touch to your living room, add a plant from above and voila! We have been recently playing with the idea of adding a small desk to our bedroom. A home base for bills. This writing desk has been on my mind for a couple of months now as it matches perfectly with our current bedroom set. I can already imagine how I will style it. With a hip industrial desk lamp and a rustic folder organizer, it will be pretty and functional. For people with lighter wood, or a more rustic/modern vibe, I also found this desk.

My hope is to inspire you to start sprucing up your space after reading this guide. Spring is the PERFECT time to bring in life to your home. Follow my easy steps and you will feel like you have a brand new abode in no time!


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