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How to Deal with your MLM Friends

Within the past 5 years of my life I have noticed a surge of my friends “taking their life into their own hands” and “becoming their own bosses.” Most of them have done this through some sort of multi level marketing (MLM) company like Monat, Rodan Fields, or whatever else is flooding your feeds and inboxes these days. Its basically Mary Kay for millenials. Though you may think I’m bashing this concept altogether, you are completely off. I am actually a huge fan of a lot of these MLM companies and my friends who sell them. I don’t personally sell for any of these, not because I can’t or don’t like the products, but because I chose not to and that is cool. I think it is also cool that some people are doing this now for whatever reason they felt was right for them and their family.

See, as a 31 year old stay at home mom I can really relate to my stay at home mom friends turned sales gals. I know what it is like to all of the sudden feel that you are not contributing– to society, monetarily for your family, and as an adult in general, because we talk to infants and toddlers all day. We spend our entire lives studying to do something, then we finally get to do it, and then we have children and some of us brave souls decide to put aside our careers and dreams to throw caution to the wind and stay home with said children. The problem being, is that we sort of become not important. Not to the kids, God knows they loves us no matter what for some reason. But, we feel we are not really as important in the real world anymore. When someone asks me the simple question of what I do, my answer is always “Oh, I just stay home with the girls.” That’s it y’all, I JUST stay home. A whole other post can be dedicated what I JUST do, while I stay home but this would become too long. My point here, we as humans go through these phases when we need to feel more important because our lives change. All sorts of people have a reason behind why they take on a new business venture. We all need money! I think most people that choose to do MLM are doing it mainly to bring in more money. The kind that you know, makes the dang world go round. I am not saying only moms that stay home do these type of businesses, though I can relate to them the most. In general I am saying that we need to support the ones we love and like (whomever they are) while they are on a journey for more income. There is always a reason behind a choice. Whether its supplemental, for fun, because they don’t feel like they are contributing enough, because they want to fund a vacation, or whatever the reasons are behind them, the point is we can always choose to support.

How to Deal with your MLM friends in 5 easy steps:

  1. Support them! This DOES NOT only mean monetarily, though that wouldn’t hurt. This means like their posts, comment if you can take a second, share if you’re feeling giving, and overall just be a friend. This isn’t someone coming to your door selling a vacuum, this is YOUR FRIEND trying to work. A little goes a long way here. Just a simple like can mean the world!
  2. Don’t ignore them. I know for me it’s a little trying at times. However, if your friend got the guts to draft you a lengthy out of nowhere message it probably costed them too. If you have used the products already, tell them. If you’re not interested, tell them thank you for sharing but you really are not interested. Be up front and be nice. This is just a treat others the way you want to be treated kind of thing. If they choose to not be nice or understand then, well they just aren’t great humans so then you can tell them that and proceed to ignore.
  3. Give their products a chance. A lot of these products sold through MLM companies are similar to things in store. If you are going to spend the same amount of money on something else, why not give these products a try? Don’t go buy from the regular website and forget to use your friend’s code, be kind. Even if they didn’t reach out, you can reach out to them and help them out! You’re going to buy it anyway, why not be a good friend. You never know what you may end up liking!
  4. Be honest. Most of these companies are expensive, or want you to do the monthly subscription. If its too expensive for you, tell them that. If you’re on the fence and don’t want to buy right away, tell them. Maybe they can send you samples and you may actually like them. If this month you can’t swing it but know you’ll forget to reach out next month, tell your buddy to remind you next month because you’re not trying to ignore them you just have life to deal with. GIVE THEM FEEDBACK, that makes them better too!
  5. Be nice. I think it is sooooo disgusting when I see someone be rude to the people who sell MLM products. Your job (whatever it is) is not more important than theirs. Their product is not less worthy because it’s not sold in a brick and mortar shop. The world is just changing. Just like newspaper ads have been replaced with influencer campaigns. The world of sales is being run by subscription boxes, MLM brands, and free two day shipping. Just because you don’t sell it, doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of respect. Think pretty woman and “big mistake, big mistake!”

This post is just a friendly reminder to be friendly. Now, you always reserve the right to remove and defriend anyone who is intense, pushy, and just plain weird. But, if I’m being honest that has nothing to do with what your friend sells, that is just them as humans. If someone acts like that, they don’t need to be in your life. However, don’t write off a whole brand because of one of their sales people!

If you made it through that, you are really a nice person! Here’s a little round up of the MLM brands and products that I use or have used and liked. I’ll even add my friend’s links if you’re interested, then we can both help a friend out today:

  • Thirty One Gifts
    • Deluxe Utility Tote or Large Utility tote that is totally worth it because it lasts all the years for all your needs. I have had one in my trunk to keep things organized since 2010. I also have two more, for like all the things.
  • Rodan Fields
    • Reverse Lightening Regimen- been using for a while, and when I stopped, at anytime I got acne my new scars would be so pronounced. While using it I have the softest, brightest, most even skin and it hardly wear make up!
    • Lashboost. Theeee besttttt stuffff! My lashes got so big when I used this consistently, I am actually back on the bandwagon again because it’s way cheaper than extensions.
  • Monat– naturally based products and say no to toxic ingredients
    • Revive Shampoo- promotes hair growth
    • Revitalize conditioner- promotes hair growth
  • Beauty Counter– clean make up and skin products. This company has been working hard to create products that don’t include harmful ingredients and also strive to get our country to regulate the industry more closely.
    • Volumizing Mascara
    • Concealer
  • Zyia– fitness wear brand that has technology like Lululemon
    • Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8. Very controlling but super comfortable. I like the moisture wicking material the best.
  • Shrimp and Grits– use seller code Rep #91046 (they should probably make that process easier)
  • Young Living
    • The Starter Kit (when its on a deal). I love having a good combo of oils and a diffuser I trust
    • Specialty oils wintergreen or cinnamon. For me they not only smell good, theyre good for you, and they definitely don’t harm you

Last but not least this is a total plug in for myself. I am helping my friend Tiffany from high school host a Zyia (work out clothes like Lulu quality but no Lulu price) party here. I am all about collaboration over competition. Let’s build each other up people! Use this link to head to my Facebook party. Think Tupperware for the modern gal but a lot more fun because I love good leggings WAY more than Tupperware. Shop my direct link or on the actual Facebook party. I think she will be doing a giveaway on the facebook site. I’m for sure excited to snag some more leggings that are Lululemon quality but at a literal fraction of the cost!

I hope that next time you are approached by a friend about an MLM company they are a part of, you choose to act with kindness and maybe give their products a shot!


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