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Most of our homes are decorated by the “Fixer Upper” movement that Chip and Joanna Gaines created. Their show, paints, furniture, magazine, and decor have inspired us all, but my favorite business venture of theirs is Magnolia Market in the heart of Waco, Texas.

Waco is about an hour and 45 minutes south of Dallas and a little over 2 hours north of Austin. It was mainly known for Baylor University and infamously for the Waco Siege of 1993. Chip and Jo put it on the map in 2014 with Fixer Upper and really the rest is history. People from all over the country and even internationally come to Texas and drive to see this little town. The main attraction is The Silos District where Magnolia Market, The Silos, and The Silos Baking Co. reside. The aesthetic is everything you’d imagine and more. There is always a theme for the season and a message that encourages, this spring “THE WORLD NEEDS YOU TO BE WHO YOU WERE MADE TO BE” graces a couple spaces. Two times a year they hold free artisan vendor fairs. In Fall it’s the Silobration and in the Spring, it’s Spring at the Silos.

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This is my second year trekking to Waco for Spring at the Silos. Last year I went in as a Florida girl who had no clue what to expect. This year I was a little more prepared and ready to enjoy that Texas hospitality I’ve grown accustomed to. First thing first, expect it to be crowded. Like, really crowded.

These events run Thursday to Saturday from 8 to 5 and people come out EVERY SINGLE DAY! This year we went on Thursday and it was very crowded but maybe less so than when we went on a Saturday. I also noticed that around 11:30 it was extremely congested but around 3:30 it wasn’t. So maybe getting there early isn’t key. However, make sure you look at the website to see if Jojo is having any events because they shutdown the Market grounds for ticket holders only.

Let’s start with what is at the actual Magnolia Market at The Silos. All through Waco you can pinpoint where Magnolia is by looking for those beautifully aged silos. As soon as you’re there you walk into a gated area right past Silos Baking Co. If you came from that side, you may have noticed the constant line that is there for their delicious cupcakes. For events like Spring at the Silos they are doing a crowd control entry. But fear not because the line moves faster than you’d think and it’s a lot more enjoyable with less people and organized movement patterns. The first thing you’ll notice (other than the huge silos) is the Magnolia Market store. It’s got that big font we are all used to seeing and it’s a picture op in itself. Next is the #MILESTOMAGNOLIA photo op right next to one of the silos. I really enjoyed that Jojo thought to put an employee there to help take people’s pictures. She’s a smart one! Know that the magnolia shop usually has a line to get in, but again it moves quickly. I didn’t go in this year but it’s totally worth it. Last year they had a FedEx set up inside, not sure if it’s still there. However, I’ve read that you should check shipping prices as their online shop does carry most of the same items and the shipping is most likely cheaper. It is fun to actually see something before you buy it online though! My favorite area to hang out during these events is actually the grass lawn. There are plenty of pretty things to see and snap pictures of or with. There’s live music and there are food trucks! It’s the perfect spot to let the kids play, and just enjoy. We grabbed a couple of beautiful black and white bean bags (which they sell) and I really felt that I was in my happy place.

Next up, the actual vendor market! Now this is super fun because it’s not there every time you go. I also think it’s pretty amazing because it’s not your run of the mill artisan vendors. It’s two streets lined with big name, Instagram famous brands. I came in excited to see some shops I had seen before like Olivia & Ocean, Freshly Picked, and Madera Modern. I saw Bannor Toys, who is a brand I’ve loved for years and discovered Hadley Girl among so many other Jojo vetted companies.

Retail vendors aren’t the only ones who travel near and far to showcase their craft. There is a nice little strip of food trucks from places as close as Austin and as far as Jacksonville, Florida. I had to take time to see one of my favorite IG families @ourfauxfarmhouse and their Gourmet Soda truck, Urban Sips. I got to say hello to Brad and Holly and grab some delicious drinks. We ate Waffle Love chicken and waffles and topped off our tummies with Hyppo popsicles. The options are truly endless.

Venturing to Waco is a really cute day trip or overnight. There is so many fun little things to do while there, but I’ll save that for another post. For now, know that if you’re in the area or planning a trip near by, try to come to one of their vendor events. The city has cute shops with hardworking creatives like Theresa and Bret from @linenandcake and cute spots to eat like Magnolia Table and Milo. It’s a fun experience, good shopping, and you might even get a chance to spot some of the Gaines clan!


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