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A Little Girl Room, for Two

When I was pregnant with Charlie I got it in my head that her room had to be floral with pink and light tones of sage green to match this cross stitch my mom had made of a pink and green cupcake (it’s always been in their rooms, look for it on the night stand). As is usually a problem of mine, I got this idea and I wasn’t going to back down. Luckily we found all the right pieces and her nursery was a dream.

Fast forward, we had Georgie, did her nursery, and then I got another idea. I decided that because she FINALLY was sleeping through the night at 10 months that it was time to put the girls in the same room. See, I found it more difficult to always be splitting myself between both rooms. We found ourselves putting them down for nap in one room and dressing them in one room. So why use two rooms? Georgie slept in a crib, charlie slept in a toddler bed and it was preciously coordinated.

When we moved to Texas, Georgie was 18 months old. We moved Charlie around this age into a toddler bed, so we were confident enough to do it with G. However, getting another toddler bed seemed kind of silly as they would only grow bigger from here on out. We decided against a twin bed and went straight to two fulls. And we couldn’t be happier with our choice! We chose low profile box springs and mattresses from Wayfair. We also purchased their metal frame beds from Wayfair, as when buying two of everything you really want to save as much as possible. (The one we purchased isn’t available anymore but I linked a similar bed in style and price.) The combo of the low profile box spring and mattress keeps the bed low enough for the girls to hop in and out easily, without us worrying about them falling from too far up.

There were two splurge items in the girls’ room, which is why we aimed to save as much as possible when we could. First one was the PBKids Bow Valence Roman Shade, that in my opinion is worth every penny. There is only one window in their girls’ room, and it was going to be right up against G’s bed (since we wanted her to be the one with a wall on one side of her bed as she’s the youngest). I didn’t really feel comfortable with curtains that would flow around and potentially be a hazard, also I figured it would be difficult to keep flowing curtains looking nice when jumbled up next to pillows. I think roman shades are just the classiest things, and these with their black out shade capability and perfect linen fabric bows just couldn’t be beat. The install was super simple and it seriously gives a beautiful touch. Our second splurge, that was, is, and always will be, worth it, is our Beddy’s bedding! We had one in our master and in our guest room, and I was just waiting for these big girl beds to finally get them theirs. They’re not cheap, but I do love them. They’re zippered beds that essentially have two whole pieces so it always looks perfectly made, even when your toddler makes it! They’re ideal for daybeds, beds against walls, and especially bunk beds. Watch this video to see what I mean. I went with Chic White thinking that if they get something on it, I can bleach it, or if I get that “itch to switch”, I can just change the accents in the room and not have to get rid of their bedding altogether. Oh yeah, and they have two options: minky or cotton. So what this means is the lining inside your beddys that serves as your “sheet” can either be minky which is this soft warm blanket or just cotton like the bottom “sheet” of the bed. I am a team minky girl, as we have had both. I found that with cotton I was always cold, it is VERY thin. We keep our air pretty cold so being under the cozy blanket feels great, and since the bottom “sheet” is always cotton I’m not warm at all if that makes sense.

I think pillows and throws are so important to makes spaces feel complete. Yes, they’re kinda annoying, no they’re not necessary, but you gotta do it if you want it to look good. I actually ruined my Beddy’s pillow cases with a red dress (they are now pink, but only half of them) so I replaced two pillows on each bed with these pink and white stripe pillow cases from Target. These gauze throws at the end of the bed, large rug, small rug, and pink heart pillows are also from Target, and I love how they break up all the white and add that blush color that I obviously love so much.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into all things pink and pretty!



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9 thoughts on “A Little Girl Room, for Two

  1. Did you use box springs for the girls beds? If so did the Beddy’s bedding set cover the mattress and low profile box spring?

  2. I love everything about this bedroom! We’re about to do the exact same thing. Where did you get the nightstand? It’s beautiful.

  3. I absolutely love this room and am using it as an inspiration for my twins new room after our addition. Do you mind sharing the rough dimensions of the room? Thanks!!

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