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“Get Out” 2.4.19 Target

I went to Target for a pillow, they didn’t have it so instead I left with a bag full of valentine’s goodies. Ya feel me? I actually think I did pretty good for once, I spent about $30 and only left with a single bag worth of goods. My kids didn’t have a meltdown until we were in the parking lot, and I started my new Instagram series “Get Out with C&G”.

Before I recap what we found, let me delve into what this little series will be. I have seen Instagrammers showing their Nordstrom finds and $500 pendant lights and its all pretty to look at it, but its unreachable. At least for me, and I assume for most of you too! A lot of times I see things styled on Instagram and want it, but either I can’t afford it or by the time I’ve seen it, its old and it’s not even in the store anymore. I also realize that I don’t get to go to Target, Old Navy, Home Goods, & the like on the regular. Most of us work from 8-5 and a lot of us stay home with kids. Neither of these situations allow us to go and just window shop. So, when time allows I am going to do it for all of us!

I linked all the below pictures via #liketoknowit. If you click the picture it’ll take you to direct affiliate links for the products I found.

The Hearth and Hand collection by Magnolia has some beautiful earthy candle scents that are in subtle neutral containers. Perfect for any home! Do yourself a favor and take a second to smell these. They’re oddly and surprisingly different, in a good way!
This middle section of Target is so visually pleasing. Between the monochromatic wonders of Hearth and Hand and the Threshold pillows, accents, and furniture on the other side— there’s truly something for everyone.

I hit up Target just 10 days before Valentine’s Day. That’s enough time for all of you to go snag some of the cute #targetdollarspot finds. Most things were a dollar and came in packs of 8-12. They weren’t even THAT kitschy. My favorite was the slime. All kids like slime, and it’s something that will be thrown away eventually anyway, and A DOLLAR FOR A PACK!

Click this picture to see some of my Galentine’s Day finds including this cute napkin! I’ll link the other things shown too (not from Target)

The Target Dollar Spot finds are in store only but definitely worth the trip! These plastic letters for your letterboard are only $3 for a pack of three! I got white because I misplaced the ones that came with my Retrogram board. I got pink because for $3 why not?

My favorite finds were actually in the kitchen section. There were many beautiful canisters for an easy countertop overhaul. Another inexpensive find that can change your kitc

The homeware section was full of trendy finds. These farmhouse canisters are perfect for a kitchen counter overhaul. The simple grey and wood kitchen tools add to a effortlessly stylish makeover. My favorite find was actually found after we left Target. Linked you’ll find the 5 pc black flatware that I was excited over. I was able to find a 20pc set that was a little bit more cost effective and I can’t wait to be off my spending freeze so I can buy them!

We had a lot of fun on our first “GO”! Wonder where we will go to next. Old Navy? Home Goods? Pier1? Hobby Lobby? Comment here or on Instagram your requests.



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