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Potty Training in Style

If you know me at all, you know that I am a type A, controlling, clean freak. (Wow, why are you even listening to me?!) This way of thinking affects everything I do as a parent. In order for me to keep my cool, I need to control as much of the uncontrollable as possible. When it comes to potty training, the idea can be daunting.

I will admit that I myself never potty trained either of my children, in the classical sense anyhow. Charlie was potty trained at school through her amazing teacher who ran a tight ship. Right after she was two her teacher told me to bring her in underwear because she was staying dry every day. So I did. Next thing I know I am forced to be a good mom and actually do the same at home. This was my first run in with pee and poo on the floor, and not from my dog! Our second time around has been pretty simple as well, G being the little sister, wants to do everything that her big sister does. In each situation I found constants that made me feel confident, and kept myself and my house looking decent in the process.

I know the type of person I am, the type of parent I am, and how to deal with the disgustingness that is taking a toddler to the bathroom in your own home and in public. Here is MY must-have list of things that will keep you sane they won’t even jack your style and at the end.

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Below you will find my tried and true prime finds that will prepare you to be stylish and clean during the potty training process. All pictures are linked, so you can click them if you want to shop, or you can go directly to my amazon shop.

Potty training means picking between pull ups and underwear. Though we still do pull ups for naps, bedtime, and school, we like to keep our littlest in these training undies. I like them better than regular undies because they are thicker and can help contain most of the accidents and just little wetness as they are learning to know when to go. Also, I feel like when my kids wear pull ups, they tend to be lazy and just go in them, defeating the whole potty training process.

This little potty is the perfect travel companion. It’s different than normal training ones, as it has a liner that can be disposed of. This is great for emergency use and also long car trips. There are times when stopping on the side of the road is a must and this is a really helpful way to do that. We have even used it inside the car (stopped of course), because sometimes it’s not best to be outside with a child. But emergencies are emergencies! A regular potty works too.

On the go may be the worst part of potty training. There are some really nasty bathrooms out there. If you’re anything like me you would rather die than have your child grip that toilet with both hands. Thank goodness I found these liners. I keep about 4 in my purse at all times. They are pretty big and basically cover the entire toilet. Rest easy, your kid can sit and grip without actually touching anything nasty! That is a parenting win!

If you want to take your chances on life, put a potty training toddler in a car seat and see if they have an accident. Trust me, a full on pee in a car seat is THE WORST! Cue in the piddle pad. Thank goodness for great inventions in modern times, because it’s these simple things that keep me sane. Keep it on your toddler’s car seat at all times, and if they have an accident you only have to wash the piddle pad, not EVERYTHING! Genius I tell ya! Buy two if you’re feeling wild, then you can have a back up in the car while the other one is washed!

Get yourself a wet bag! (or disposable trash bags) If your kiddos have an accident, you will need somewhere to put the soiled clothes. They stink, they’re wet, and unless you’re heading straight home, they need to go somewhere.

Converting from wiping number two on a changing table to wiping number two on a wiggly child that is too small to be on a toilet, isn’t the easiest. Make it better by keeping “flushable” wipes nearby. Trust me, caked on poop with pieces of toilet paper all over your little one’s tush should be avoided at all costs.

Storing these new flushable wipes doesn’t have to be tacky. Keep them inconspicuous in all your bathrooms by placing in a simple wipe tub like this one. There is plain white, with grey top, or light pink top. Having children doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all style.

Step stools are a must, ideally have one in all the bathrooms of your house. I even have two in my girl’s bathroom so that they don’t have to drag one from the toilet to the sink. Accidents happen easily when the stool isn’t next to the toilet, trust me. This set of four is SOOOO pretty and reasonable for what you’re getting. I’m all about keeping a pretty home! Here is a different option for just two. Obviously any step stool will do, I just like to keep my home looking stylish even with step stools all around.

Continuing with the idea that your toddler bathroom can be both practical and pretty I found these faucet extenders for my littles’ hands. Good hand washing technique is encouraged, so keep them clean by having this on your faucet at all times. It’s not colorful or tacky so you can keep it on at all times without messing with your look.

Function doesn’t have to be ugly. Get yourself one of these toilet seats while your littles are young. It is so great because it has TWO seats. One for little tushies and one for adults. It’s nice to have this “permanent” child seat to prevent falls into the toilet. They happen!

This one might make you laugh, but I think it’s genius. Keep one of these in all your bathrooms. You can easily wipe up accidents and wipe down doorknobs and sinks as needed. I’m a clean freak, but being home with the kids you’ll find that the accidents happen often, and running to find paper towels and cleaner isn’t the most convenient!

I hope this list gives you the confidence to tackle potty training. Having a prepared home sure makes it a whole lot easier!

Good luck!!


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