The Perfect Nude

Not sure I’ve intrigued you enough with my vague reasoning for not wanting to share super publicly on how to find the right nude for your coloring. I told Ryan what I had learned about this easy peasy solution and he immediately said “please don’t say THAT in public”! We agreed that maybe a blog post would be better medium!

Enough stalling, the time has come for me to spill the beans! Easiest way to figure out the best nude shade for you is to…. oh goodness 🤦🏻‍♀️ …look at your nipples. There! I said it, from nips to lips. But seriously, nature obviously knew something I didn’t. The best shades of colors for a nude look are somewhere in that range of.. that color. So next time you’re getting dressed, take a peep down there and take a mental note. The shades darker and lighter in that tone, will be the best nude shades specifically on you! Buy my favorite matte lip here to complete your look.

Now do you see why I didn’t want to post this on Instagram?!

Try not to think dirty thoughts now!!

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