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Let’s Stay in Bed

When we moved to our new home we didn’t have the budget to start completely from scratch. For half the year we kept our queen size set that was my mom’s (in 2006!) and just lived with it.

We had a 1955 ranch style home in Florida, and tiny old spaces is a kind way to describe some of it. It was charming and wonderful, but normal bedroom and coat closet bathroom would be a more realistic way to explain it. Having a large bedroom AND bathroom overwhelmed us at first, but we learned to embrace a minimalist vibe. Moving will do that to you! I knew that in order to keep our large spaces feeling large I wanted a bright farmhouse style bedroom.

Cue in this simple farmhouse bed, my favorite bedding and some simple touches.
Beddy’s (www.beddys.com) Zippered Bedding for All! I fell in love with this bedding from no other than Instagram! It looked so appealing, bedding that could be made up quickly and always look tucked, and no pesky sheets to get tangled in. What I didn’t know then is that I would have one for every bed in my house, LOVE the minky fabric over the cotton only, and that my husband would NEVER be able to pull the sheets off of me because I very smartly keep half my side zipped up through the night! This new collection is by far my favorite. It’s chic and classy. It’s called Love at First White, and I cannot say enough about it!
When it came to furniture, we kept hearing from these Texas folk, “go to Nebraska!” I couldn’t understand how they would recommend driving over 700 miles to buy furniture. Quickly I was informed it was a larger furniture store owned by Warren Buffet. Even my realtor recommended it. I found out that they carried Magnolia Home and we couldn’t get there quick enough. It’s as big or bigger than Ikea, but much calmer, and had every price range in mind. This bedroom set caught our eye early on because of its grey wash color and large headboard with the signature farmhouse X lines.

Finishing touches are what make a space feel finished. I knew I wanted an oversized farmhouse style flaxseed linen lumbar pillow like I kept seeing on my Instagram feed. But, not only is it a mouthful, but it is hard to find under $200. My husband would kill me, so I had to find another solution. Enter one of my favorite listings in my etsy shop! The pillow you see above (and shown on my guest bedroom here) is actually a plain old body pillow! I get closed shams and customize them with cute phrases to compliment your style. The flaxseed linen, shown above in my room is by far my favorite. It costs a little more, but it is DEFINITELY under $200. I think it makes the space look so fancy, and truly all I did was throw a body pillow on after I made the bed. Win, win!
There is still some work to do, like curtain rods and curtains (aheemmm husband!), but I think that these staple items, bought over the past year really made our space feel like a home.


Hi, I'm Cata. A stay at home mom of two girls C&G. We like to match, travel, decorate & do things the millennial way. I have an Etsy shop I run while the girls sleep or go to school and we love to document what we do on Instagram @lifewithcandg. This is a fun space to house all my thoughts, that are in no way the right way, but could be a way that helps you figure out yours. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for stopping by!

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