Kid Art is the Worst

Ok, so let’s be brutally honest here for a second. What percentage of kid art is actually worth keeping in storage for the rest of their lives? It’s small, its those hand prints and cute potato family portraits– and that’s it. If you’re like me, the clutter of a million hand print renditions of the holidays can become… dare I say it? Annoying? I found a solution when my youngest first started coming home with school work in preschool a couple years back. It happened because she actually caught me throwing something away (it was seriously not worth keeping) and she was so upset with me. I had to find a better way.

Enter Chatbooks (I have a great code for you at the end)! I had been using Chatbooks for my family albums already because I am lazy and just hate organizing pictures. (I currently have 15,000 on my phone, I still need to order my second child’s baby pictures book, and my family albums are about 2 years behind😎). Somewhere on the internet I saw that families were snapping pictures of their kid’s art and just putting it in an album you order and voila! Genius! I HAD to try it, and ohhhh did I like it.
This is how I preserve kid art in 10 SIMPLE steps:

1. Hoard the art in my office or put up the cutest seasonal art in the playroom.

2. Wait for a sunny day and some motivation

3. Place a large white poster board on a table or the floor

4. If you have multiple kids, separate artwork by child so you don’t get confused later

5. One by one photograph the art in the center of the poster board. Brighten picture as you’re taking it so the white poster board looks white (not yellow or dark). Don’t go overboard as you can fix this in the next step.

6. On any editing app or just your picture settings, (I use snapseed) brighten and tweak your pictures so that the poster board appears white and your kid’s art looks as colorful as it is in real life.

7. IMMEDIATELY open up your Chatbooks app and load pictures into an album for each child. I like to make one for every school year (Ex: Charlie’s School Art Book 2018-2019)

8. Organize pictures in the order they came, or as much as you recall. If you’re feeling fancy you can write a caption!

9. Load a school picture or first day picture as your album cover


That my dears is it! It has been a lifesaver for me. I can display the kid’s art, save what is truly special, and throw away without feeling guilty. Also, my kids LOVE looking at their little art book. They feel so special.

Oh and for those of you who actually read through this… Chatbooks gave me a code to use by 12/16 that gets you $10 off your first book (i’m sure a different email will suffice)! It’s LIFEWITHCANDG. I hope you bite the bullet and order something… maybe even a super easy, thoughtful Christmas gift!



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