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DIY Galvanized Sheet Dry Erase Board

There’s the Pinterest Mom and the Amazon Prime Mom, but as it is with all things; I think a happy medium is best. Meet the Pinterest/Prime Mom. She finds something she likes, wants to do it in a less expensive way, with all materials arriving within two days, & in a can do fashion. I am definitely a mix of both and I also have a DIY Dad to help me make these dreams reality.
Today we finished an idea I got a couple of weeks ago. I remembered a friend using a galvanized drip pan on a wall as a precious dry erase board, but it wasn’t really working with my decor or idea in mind. I began to search the internet and Pinterest for something we could cheaply and easily do. You can be finished with this project for under $50. I’ve added some extras that the girls are loving as well.


  • Galvanized 24″ x 48″ Metal Sheet . Comes with all the mounting tools except anchors.
  • (2) 7 foot pieces of trim. This can be to your style. We chose a primed white one that matched our floorboards.
  • Pack of white framing nails. Don’t need to be white, but we were sticking with white.
  • Hammer
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • White Acrylic Trim Caulk
  • Level
  • Paint for your trim
  • Drywall anchors if you need them

Granted, I only watched but here is what we did. This metal sheet arrived in two days with Amazon prime. You definitely need two people to hold it and drill it directly into the wall. The edges are sharp so wearing gloves would be smart. Once it was secured onto the wall we removed the protective film it came with. Voila!

However, we quickly realized that no border or trim meant that the girls would literally draw right off the board and onto the wall. With our horrible cheap wall paint it was easier to wipe off the paint than the marker with a Magic Eraser so we ran to Lowes. We picked a trim that went with the style we were looking for, but really you can do with that what you wish. The possibilities really are endless. Ryan started measuring by using the length of the metal and cut a 45 degree angle away from both ends. He then repeated for the height. He did not use a level, but we think it’s definitely key in making it easy for all four pieces to square up once its time to mount them to the wall. This part was also very simple, he just used the framing nails to nail all the trim pieces in while I held them in place. He went ahead and gave it a smooth look by caulking it with white acrylic trim caulk on top of the nails and where each wooden piece met. Lastly, he brushed it with some leftover white trim paint.And that folks was it! Super simple, super cute, & very practical!


Have a great day friends!


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